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Penuhi Keinginan Pengetahuan ‘liberal’ anda dengan Gelar Commerce Degree

Fulfil Your ‘Liberal’ Interests within your Commerce Degree

Fulfil Your ‘Liberal’ Interests within your Commerce Degree

Fulfil Your ‘Liberal’ Interests within your Commerce Degree. Currently commerce is already a trend of business development. To find out more deeply we can learn the majors of commerce

What is a commerce degree?
Commerce, essentially the exchange of money for products or services, predates the Roman Empire and is a cornerstone of modern capitalist economies.

The broad-based, flexible and multi-disciplinary commerce degree provides a thorough understanding of the workings of the economy and business. Through professional training in the commerce disciplines, the course develops a capacity for logical analysis and the knowledge and skills required to manage public and private enterprises.

Why take a commerce degree?
A commerce degree will provide you with technical competencies and strong generic skills particularly in the areas of effective communication, critical analysis, problem solving and teamwork – the theory and practice needed for business professionals and managers to succeed in modern commercial, government, social and voluntary organisations.

In a traditional three-year commerce degree, students are limited to one or two specialisations. All of these specialisations must reside within the Business School. While some institutions allow students to use their electives for a non-business major, it would be at the sacrifice of the second business major.

Broaden your career options with a ‘liberal’ commerce degree
The University of Sydney offers a specialised degree called Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies). As the name states, the scope of the degree is very wide and liberal. The degree is a four-year program, which allows students to choose up to three areas of specialisation (majors) and opt for more elective units than normally possible.

How does this work?
Students are required to complete two majors selected from ‘Major I’ and ‘Major II’ subject areas. The ‘Major I subject areas’ are: accounting, business information systems, commercial law, finance, industrial relations and human resource management, international business, management, marketing or quantitative business analysis. The ‘Major II subject areas’ are: accounting, agricultural economics, business information systems, commercial law, computer science, econometrics, economics, finance, financial mathematics, government and international relations, international business, management, marketing, mathematics, political economy, or quantitative business analysis. The ‘Major II’ major must be different to the one chosen from the ‘Major I subject areas’. In addition to the required two majors students may complete additional majors or electives from the Business School or the Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences, Science, Education and Social Work or Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (subject to course rules and restrictions).

Implications and opportunities?
With a Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) and the vast number of majors that students are able to choose from, students are able to explore more of the aspects that they are interested in. For Example, combining a major of International Business, Industrial Relations and Human Resources Management along with a Psychology faculty major would allow the said student to understand the workings of Human Resources combined with psychology to give the student a competitive advantage in the HR industry. Economics, Quantitative Business Analysis and Agricultural Economics would allow a commerce graduate to ease into the agriculture industry more easily with the foundations that the student would have gained from the Agricultural Economics studies. For the more liberal, an option would be to choose Management, Business Information Systems and Music. This would allow students to study commerce while at the same time expanding the musical talent of the students. Otherwise, the student can take two majors, and gain a number of electives to satisfy their desire to learn more about arts or sciences, for example majoring in Management and Political Economy, while taking electives in Music, Fine Arts, Physics, Resource Economy, Sociology and French Studies.

Graduates have the same employment opportunities as Commerce graduates with the added scope of careers requiring skills in the arts and sciences. Previous graduates have developed careers in journalism, policy analysis, international aid and a vast number of other fascinating areas.

Industry Placement Program
The University of Sydney provides an Industry Placement Program that offers final year business students opportunities to work for a leading firm while completing their degree. The program gives Bachelor of Commerce and Masters of Commerce students the opportunity to earn credit towards their degree by working part time (unpaid) for nine weeks.
During their placement, students work on genuine business projects of the firm’s choice, applying what they’ve learnt at university to develop and implement sustainable business solutions. Current partner firms include the Commonwealth Bank, Deloitte, PwC and Ernst & Young. The placement program is highly competitive, so only the most motivated emerging business professionals are selected to participate. Placements are assigned on the basis of the student’s area of specialisation (major), to ensure an optimal fit with their host company.

Find out if you’re eligible for this course at SUN Education Group. Our numerous branches across Indonesia and 8 in Jakarta will gladly help and advice your choices.

-Written by Emmanuel (Ardhi) Sumaryo from SUN Education Group with approval from Karen Leung, International Recruitment Manager
The University of Sydney Business School

For further queries please email consultation@suneducationgroup.com

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