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Tips For Knowing Which Major is Right For You

Tips For Knowing Which Major is Right For You

Tips for knowing which major is right for you. One of the most important things to consider when choosing your main course of study is that your degree is a means for the future. It is not the end goal. The course you take will direct you to a career path that is suited to your studies. In this sense, it is not unusual to find that the methodology and the topics covered in the courses are very much in line with actual working.

Studying does not only teach you the technical terms, it also teaches you a method of thinking and logic. Now before you stress out trying to figure out your dreams, do note that not all students of a subject go on to work in that field. Not all engineering students become engineers and not all marketing students end up in the marketing field, and they are successful. What you need to think about is what suits you, and here are some things that you could use

1. Explore your interests

This is simply the first and most important step that you need to find out. If you like dealing with numbers, then maybe finance or accounting is a good course of study for you. If you like buildings then perhaps study civil engineering or architecture if you like to draw as well. By studying what you love and have a passion for, you will see that you will obtain much better results and greater focus in studying. You will obtain more knowledge and information from the courses than those that are studying just for the sake of a degree. Join activity clubs, leave yourself open to new activities, literature and media forms to see where your interests lie. Your main interest will lie in doing something you enjoy most and spend the most time doing, along with better results in the associated school work.

2. Personality tests

When you are a teenager, more than likely, you will still be in the process of discovering yourself. Don’t worry; we’ve known people in their thirties that are still discovering themselves. However, you can take personality tests that can discern your tendencies and give a general idea about yourself. The most popular of these tests are the DISC Test. The test classifies four aspects of behavior by testing a person’s preferences in word associations. DISC is an acronym that stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientious. These four dimensions can be grouped in a grid with “D” and “I” sharing the top row and representing extroverted aspects of the personality, and “C” and “S” below representing introverted aspects. “D” and “C” then share the left column and represent task-focused aspects, and “I” and “S” share the right column and represent social aspects. In this matrix, the vertical dimension represents a factor of “Assertive” or “Passive”, while the horizontal dimension represents “Open” vs. “Guarded”

3. Talk to someone else

When you are stuck, it is best to ask the opinions of others. Teachers and parents are good source of knowledge. You can also ask guidance counselors at your school, or if you’d like, visit SUN at any of our offices to talk with any of our counselors. Asking others can give you a different perspective on yourself. Just be honest and they will guide you to find your best options.

Visit us at any of our branches across Jakarta or email us at We also provide DISC tests for you if you require.

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