William Blue and Blue Mountains
William Blue and Blue Mountains
19 Februari 2019
EVO House
EVO House
19 Februari 2019

SINO British College

SINO British College

Students at SBC have a unique opportunity to start their degree in China but complete their degree in the UK. SBC offers degree in Business and Engineering. As an institution we are owned by nine UK universities and one Chinese university. These are:

1.) University of Bradford
2.) University of Huddersfield
3.) University of Leeds
4.) Leeds Beckett University
5.) Liverpool John Moores University
6.) Manchester Metropolitan University
7.) University of Salford
8.) University of Sheffield
9.) Sheffield Hallam University
10.) University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST)

Our courses are delivered either entirely in Shanghai or part in Shanghai and part in UK. SBC’s programs are considered pathways. Our most popular pathways our 1+3,2+2, 3+1 and 4+0. A 1+3  is one year in Shanghai and then three years in the UK. Some international students, due to their high school qualification, will be allowed to enter SBC Year 2.


1.) Early Application Scholarship
New students will automatically receive 10,000 CNY (≈1,500 USD)scholarships if they apply before May 31st, 2019.

2.) Friends and Family Scholarship
10.000 CNY (≈1,500 USD)

3.) EAP Exemption Scholarship for undergraduate students
Students with IELTS 6.0 or other equivalent transcript enrolling onto foundation year will be entitled to a 20% scholarship.

4.) High Achievers scholarship
20,000CNY  (≈3,000 USD)

5.) Principals Outstanding Student Scholarship
50% of tuition.

Students at SBC also benefit:

1.) UK education at an affordable price (80,000 CNY)

2.) 5 different kinds of scholarships are available including 50% off scholarships.

3.) Internationally recognized British undergraduate degree qualifications.

4.) All classes taught in English.

5.) Free Chinese Lessons (up to HSK 4)

6.) Great post-graduation career prospects (98% employment or further study within 6 months)

7.) On Campus accommodation at the center of Shanghai.

SINO British College

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