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19 Februari 2019
UniSadhuGuna International College (UIC College)
21 Februari 2019


UNIPREP Junior College

Uniprep Junior College (UJC) is a part of UniSadhuGuna, a leading and trusted International Education institution in Indonesia. Since its inception in 1994, it has continuously provided students with access to leading Universities worldwide. UJC is a Senior High School Program in Jakarta which offers International certifications.

UJC emphasize on real-life learning experiences and practical knowledge which are crucial in the increasingly competitive global workforce. UJC offers two distinct International Qualifications in one program: Edexcel International GCSE and The University of New South Wales (UNSW) Foundation Certificate.

Depending on the pathway program chosen and length of study in Jakarta, students have the options to progress to the first, second, or third year of some of the world’s best universities abroad, allowing for enough preparations prior to studying overseas.
UJC realizes that each student is unique and has the potentials to be outstanding. To ensure students’ potentials are explored well, our academic team members at UJC provide their best effort to nurture and guide the students to develop their capabilities. The curriculum at UJC is carefully designed to support the strength of each students and provide them with development programs which can turn their potentials into their competitive advantages.

At the beginning of the study, students will meet our counselor to find out more about their study habits, learning challenges, and expectations. This is done in our effort to provide the best learning and teaching environment for students and teachers. Throughout their studies, students continuously receive guidance as they progress in our programs towards their career pathways.

UNIPREP Junior College

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