Bahasa Inggris Untuk Menjawab Tantangan Dunia
22 Februari 2019
Graduate Career – Ready With Australia’s Curtin University Degree in Singapore
26 Februari 2019


What is INTO? INTO serves as an important bridge to connect students looking for a higher education degree from around the world achieve their dream of studying overseas at the US or UK University. We work with University to create an unforgettable and amazing learning experience for our students. We’ve helped thousands of students from around the world to secure their place on some of the most prestigious Universities both in the UK or the US. Russel Group Universities in the UK and Tier 1 Research Universities in the US such as Newcastle University, University of Manchester, University of South Florida and Oregon State University are just some of the examples of the University that our students progressed to.

Our programs are designed to help international students to excel in their studies and adapt to the environment very fast. We currently have 12 Partner Universities in the US and 11 Partner Universities in the UK. INTO offers a wide variety of program for grade 11, 12, Bachelor students and even the Postgraduate/master students.



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