University of the Arts London
8 Januari 2019
University of Sussex ISC
8 Januari 2019
Zerlyna Merilla Gunanta

I was planning to take my Postgraduate study in UK when one of my friends recommended me to go to SUN Education. It was a good experience, im really satisfied with the great services and clear informations that ive got during the preparation. Sun edu took care about everything that i need and made everything easy and simple. The counselor helped me through all the enrollment process, pratically, they did all the stuff. They gave me suggestion about living abroad as well and even booked my flight. I truly recommend SUN Education to every students who want to study abroad and dont know where to start from because sun education will help you to do all the details, answer all your questions and give the best service.

Zerlyna Merilla Gunanta, Master of Arts Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries, University of Arts London, UK

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