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27 September 2019
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8 Skills Every Social Media Manager Need to Have on Their Resume

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Being a social media manager may sound fun and glamorous. In fact it may not even sound serious enough. Most people may think social media managers, scroll through Facebook and Instagram endlessly, crafting memorable and quirky posts or tweets. Quite frankly that is just the tip of the ice berg. There is more to being a social media manager and it takes certain skillset to be one.

So what skills does one need to make it as a social media manager? Here is the quintessential breakdown of a social media manger.

1. Effective content creation

This is a no brainer right? Copy writing is part of content creation which social media mangers do constantly. You will have to create short and engaging headlines and structuring content for easy browsing. This will help create the branding value and build sentiments to your clients’ service or products. One must Generate, edit, publish and share engaging content daily.

2. Knowing your audience

In order to create the engaging, it is crucial to know and understand your audience. Successful social media managers are able to find emotional connections with their audience. They are able to put themselves in the audience shoe to understand how they perceive the content from the receiving end. This will help design and customise appealing content to their respective audience. Being connected and engaged with the community will also include knowing how to respond to negative feedback and trolls.

3. Know how of analytics

Yes number skills are much needed here. A social media manager must be able to utilise the analytical tools out there in order to quantify what is working and what is not. Social media analytics will help to better target and have a greater reach on the masses. It helps to weed out what is not working. Moreover, clients expect their social media mangers to know the conversion metrics and bounce rates in order to know the ROI.

4. Time management

You may be managing multiple brands or campaigns. You will be actively posting on various social channels. All of this requires excellent time management to manage yourself or your team members apart from doing the analytics and crafting content. You will also need to set aside time to make regular communications in all your social media platforms with your audience and receive input from them. Your audience feedback helps you to make improvements to your campaigns. A social media manager’s job is never a 9 to 6 type of career. It extends beyond that and you can almost say it is a 24 hour job. However, that doesn’t mean that one has to be online 24/7 posting and responding. It just means one has to be able to better manage their time then someone with regular working hours.

5. Being personable and approachable

It is not just coming across as friendly to the audience but don’t forget social media managers are working with team member as well. This can be you graphic designers, content writers, and customer service staff and so on. You will want to be a people person, someone who is approachable and personable to everyone. This doesn’t just impact your relationship with your audience but with your team member as well. It is so much easier to get everyone working towards a common goal with the right attitude. Remember a personable character makes teamwork make the dream work!

6. Being passionate

Passion is a must for this role. It’s a no brainer. When you will be spending so much time everyday online working for brand or a campaign, your passion will help you better connect to your community with your message. It keeps you highly engaged and drives you to reach out wider. You will have to enjoy being on social media and be excited about what you do. When you are excited it is transferred to your audience through your communications and outreach efforts. When you are excited, your staff will be excited and motivated too.
Believing in the brand or the company’s vision makes a difference too. In order to spend lot of time building a company’s social media presence, it helps to be passionate about their brand. There maybe certain mundane tasks that you may not be excited about that a social media manager has to do as part of their job such as scheduling posts, reporting on engagement and monitoring replies. Having that interest in the product or idea will keep you motivated and passionate about supporting the company’s mission.

7. Being adaptable

The social media landscape moves quickly and climates transition fast. As a social media manager, you will have to be adaptable and to the shifts and changes. You will have to be fluid enough to ride with the flow. Social media manager must be willing to try new features out for their campaigns and be prepared to take the knockbacks if they don’t work. There may be changes that happen in the eleventh hour or some crisis. A competent social media manger is one who is able to take this in the stride and work towards the goal in mind.

8. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) savvy

This is a specialist skillset but that does not mean a social media manager should not have the fundamental knowledge of how SEO works and what impact it has on your social media strategy. Knowing how the content you produce will affect your products search engine placement, will help you optimise your content. A good social media manager should always embrace SEO as part of their social media strategy. This will help to funnel down the potential customer from discovery to engagement to following and eventually translating to revenue for your company.

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