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19 Februari 2019
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EVO House

EVO House

EVO House was founded in 2007 as a division under EVO Global Services (2003). Our vision is in line with the government’s vision in creating Singapore as a leading and premier education hub in the region.  We envision that there is a crucial requirement to provide quality and fully serviced accommodation to all international students that correspond with the image of Singapore as a developed, vibrant and self-sustained modern city.

Typically most of the student accommodations in Singapore are hostels or HDB flats which is generally lacking of varieties with mediocre standard.  As such, EVO House is delighted to offer our unique choice of ‘niche’ market, focusing on accommodation that is between median to exclusive levels.

EVO House firmly believes that environment is one of the important factors for our foreign students.  Our core values are to provide a secure and comfortable environment with space and privacy so that they can fully focus and excel in their academic study during their stay here.

This can only be made possible because we always understand our foreign students, their unique background as well as their diversified life style.

EVO House is based in Singapore, we are a professional team of experts possessing vast experience in Property Management, Real Estate Investment and expertise in adolescence counseling.

Our intimate understanding of the needs of foreign students and expectations of expatriates is a unique quality that has set us apart from other property agencies.  Our cosmopolitan management team at EVO House comprises members of locals as well as overseas who were either previously studying or working in Singapore, all of whom were also satisfied customers of EVO House.

EVO House is a closely-knitted community with an enthusiastic team of caring and friendly management professionals who readily adapt to the ever changing requirements of this dynamic industry.

Our professional strength lies in managing properties and letting accommodations for foreigners intending to either study or work in Singapore. EVO House has successfully developed the business as a convenient one-stop service hub for students and professionals looking for secure, comfortable and affordable luxury accommodation.

Our portfolio includes everything from quality student units to luxury water-front apartments and high-end professional premises for expatriates seeking comfort, convenience and outstanding service.

There is not a single property we manage so far that we would not love to live in ourselves. We make comfort, security and luxury all within reach even if you are away from home.  It is with this philosophy that we are so dedicated in bringing to our clients the familiar warmth and luxury of home. It is a quality of life we understand every parent and any child will not take for granted.

EVO House


Our Philosophy

Our Accommodation Is

“Where Your Heart Is”

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