Study In Bournemouth University

If you have a plan to Study In Bournemouth University just come to “Meet the Expert” Exhibition, as part of our Festival of Learning 2017.  This exhibition is a great opportunity for you and your family/friends to meet with experts from Bournemouth University and discuss your study requirements and future career aspirations.

Study In Bournemouth University

Enjoy seminars on popular topics like: Hospitality & Tourism, Business and Media & Communication delivered by leading experts at Bournemouth University.

Talk with a range of academics about your chosen subject area in the UK and get impartial advice about your career aspirations and the suitability of studying overseas.

Meet with over 20 of our current students and alumni, who understand what its like to study in the UK as an international student, get first hand advice from them about what you can expect from life in the UK.

Get your personal statements, documents and applications checked by the experts.

This event is FREE and open for public.


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