Tips for The First Ever Fasting in Singapore 5/5 (3) Fasting in the foreign country must be very struggling than in our own country, because you must be able to adapt to many differences that exist. As in Singapore, for example. The presence of Muslims in the country, dubbed the Lion City, is indeed a minority, but this country is known as the mo...More
Eid al-Fitr Tradition in Singapore and Malaysia 5/5 (2) The Eid celebration is an important day for all Muslims in the world. In the celebration, many countries has its own characteristics. Uniquely, Malaysia and Singapore have a number of similar traditions in celebrating the feast of Eid al-Fitr which is also known as Hari Raya Puasa or Hari Raya Aidil...More
Fun “Ngabuburit” Ideas in Malaysia 5/5 (2) Malaysia, as one of the tourist friendly Muslim countries has many interesting tourist attractions to explore. There's nothing wrong with spending ngabuburit time by stepping out of your residence and peeking at the beauty of the largest tin-producing country in the world. Check these ngabuburit fun...More
Ramadan Fasting in Malaysia? These are the Things You Need to Know! 5/5 (2) Malaysia is a country with nearly 19.6 million people or 61.3 percent of its population is Muslim. The proximity of Islamic culture and religion in Malaysia with Indonesia makes Indonesians easy to adapt there, including in the case of fasting. However, during this neighbor country, there are some t...More
Halal Restaurants near Naba Domus Academy Campus in Italy 5/5 (2) Halal is the most important law for Muslims in determining food and drink. Fortunately now, restaurants or halal food outlets are also widely spread throughout the world, including in Southern European states such as Italy, as one of them. [wc_spacing size="20px"] Not far from the loca...More
Tradisi Unik Perayaan Idul Fitri di China 5/5 (2) Masing-masing negara memiliki keunikan sendiri dalam merayakan Idul Fitri. Seperti di China, salah satunya. Meskipun umat Muslim merupakan minoritas di sana, namun fakta tersebut tidak membuat kemeriahan perayaan Idul Fitri di sana berkurang. Kemeriahan ini diwarnai dengan akulturasi antara budaya I...More
Easy Steps of Fasting During the 19 hours in the UK 5/5 (2) Fasting in European countries does take longer than fasting time in Indonesia. This is because the time of dawn and fasting depends on the rising and setting of the sun, while the European country itself is located in the northern hemisphere that receives longer sunlight. One of them as in the UK, a...More
5 Halal Restaurants Near College in Singapore 5/5 (2) Are you confused to find a restaurant that provides a halal menu near college in Singapore? No  need to worry, because we have gathered information about restaurants around Kaplan Higher Academy Singapore on Wilkie Road that are halal certified. You can break your fast with a variety of varied ...More
“Ngabuburit” Tips in the UK 5/5 (1) Fasting in the UK does take a long time, which is about 18 to 19 hours. But, as reported by (30/5/2017), research proves that if someone is in a happy condition or is not stress, he can feel fasting time faster. Therefore, while fasting, you can add interesting activities to ngabu...More
Tips Puasa Pertama di Belanda dan Swiss 5/5 (1) Menunaikan ibadah puasa di perantauan merupakan pengalaman yang unik dan menarik. Kamu harus pintar beradaptasi dengan lingkungan sekitar selama Ramadan. Lingkungan yang baru di mana kebanyakan masyarakatnya tidak berpuasa dan durasi puasa yang lebih lama bisa menjadi sebuah tantangan bagi pendatang...More