Mastering Information Technology with University of Waikato 4/5 (1) The global ICT industry is projected to grow by US$1.3 trillion between 2013 and 2020. On 2015, an estimated 5.04 million ICT workforce found in IT departments across business in every sector of the economy. And as it said, the demand keeps growing. Waikato University, one of best universities in th...More
UK Master Degree in Engineering Business Management in PSB Academy No ratings yet. PSB Academy offered a new and unique program called Master of Business Management from Coventry University. This program officially started since October 19, 2016. This program that combine business and management expertise with engineering skills plays a major role in preparing the future generatio...More
University College Dublin Prepares International Students with a Foundation Year 3.5/5 (1) With more than 160 years of experience since its establishment in 1854, University College Dublin (UCD) has been steadily stands as one of the World Top University. University College Dublin is included as the Top 1% University in the world (QS Ranking 2015). Until now University College Dublin is o...More
Studying Biotechnology and Food Sciences at UCSI Malaysia No ratings yet. As neighboring country, Malaysia is one of the most favorite place to study for Indonesian students. The fact is, it has several world top universities that provide best quality of education. UCSI University, as one of Malaysia’s first private universities, has long impacted the national highe...More
Global Mobility Program from Taylor’s Hospitality 2.5/5 (1) Taylor’s University offers a unique program called Global Mobility Program. This program is intended for local and international students and aims to provide extra value to the students. Having international experience will provide added value for the graduates and enrich their experience. ...More
Master of Professional Accounting of University of Otago No ratings yet. Having a career in accounting provides a challenging, rewarding, and flexible in today’s business environment. In recent years, the role of accounting in the business world has changed from simply preparing the financial reports to being advisors and business consultant that so many accountant...More
BMIHMS: Start in China Graduate in Australia No ratings yet. China is the second largest country in economy growth in the world and is still growing including the hospitality industry. This is one of the reason that attracted several well-known hospitality schools in several countries chose China as the host for their branch campuses, such as the Blue Mountai...More
Master of International Economics and Business INTO China No ratings yet. The increasing growth in economy around the world especially China, which is the second strongest economy in the world, has created the need for economists that are highly skilled and able to work in a complex business environment. Nankai University helps facilitating this problem by offering Master...More
(Indonesia) Sekolah Pascasarjana? Belanda Saja No ratings yet. Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesia.
University of Twente Student, Elena Findeisen, Designs a Solar-panelled Refugee Tent No ratings yet. As one of the best universities in the world, University of Twente keep on accomplishing great achievements, especially in science and technology. Recently, a student of the university, Elena Findeisen, has developed an inflatable refugee tent equipped with solar panels. The tent has LED lights, the...More