Hendry Yuwono No ratings yet. Nama: Hendry Yuwono Dari: SMA Atisa Dipamkara Program: Foundation Program Intake: March 2011 at James Cook University Before I went to Singapore, SUN helped me with every detail about overseas studies. Me and my parents find the services very satisfying since we were assisted along the way unt...More
Melisa No ratings yet. Melisa (Alumni SMA Mahatma Gading) Diploma of Commerce, SIBT, Australia (Oct 2010) I'm currently studying in SIBT – Diploma of Commerce. Sydney is an awesome place for studying, relaxing and enjoying good view. I love Sydney so much. I have a lot of friends from many countries including In...More
Lawrence Kurniawan No ratings yet. Nama: Lawrence Kurniawan Dari: SMAK Penabur 3 Jakarta Program: Bachelor of Biotechnology Intake: Sept 2009 at University of Queensland Choosing the right university was not easy for me. Being a senior student with heaps of agenda ahead of me at that time (national examination preparation mos...More
Jessica Vania Wibowo No ratings yet. Nama: Jessica Vania Wibowo Dari: SMA St Theresia Program: Bachelor of Food Science Intake: Oct 2009 at University of Auckland Hi everyone, I believe that choosing university for your future education is a very hard decision, especially if you just graduated from high school and you don't know...More
Kevin Surya Widjaja No ratings yet. Name : Kevin Surya Widjaja From : SMAK1 Program : Bellerbys College Cambridge Campus, A level Intake : Sept 2009 Watch Kevin's Testimonial Here
Priscilla Frances No ratings yet. Nama: Priscilla Frances Dari: SMAK Penabur 3 Jakarta Program: Diploma Business & Management Intake: Sept 2010 at INTO Exeter Hi everyone! My name is Priscilla Frances. Currently, I'm studying in INTO university of Exeter – Diploma of Business Management. I would like to share my ex...More
Stefanus Yudanto No ratings yet. I need an IELTS Prep and decided to surf the internet. I ended up with SUN English. When I joined the class, I was worried about my English but the teacher always encouraged me. He was able to interact creatively to sharpen your skills. The teacher will also help you to find out your weakness. Howe...More
Karina Lestari No ratings yet. When I first joined the class, I felt a little bit nervous. I haven't really used my English in a quite long time. After a few sessions, everything changed. The class' atmosphere and the way the teacher encouraged me, made me much more comfortable. A topic or two can melt down the boredom of studyin...More
Firman Setiady No ratings yet. I know SUN English from my friend at school who's going to study in Australia too, when I first came to the IELTS prep class I was nervous but I think it's enjoyable since the class atmosphere was good and fun, still you have to know when to get serious though. I love the class especially when we ca...More
Debby No ratings yet. I know SUN English when I was preparing for study overseas to Perth, Australia and I've taken IELTS course in SUN English for 1,5 months. Unexpectedly, the teacher was like a class clown if we adapted the class into a high school. My other classmates and I always shared about 'todays happening' when...More