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Kevin Mercylius 4.67/5 (3) SUN Education has tremendously helped me go through every bits of detail I need to go over before going to Macquarie University, Australia. Each and every pre-university procedure was thoroughly and efficiently followed. The staffs are very lit and friendly, literally very (read: beyond) friendly. T...More
Testimonial Kuliah Luar Negeri
Yonathan Ewin Kuswara No ratings yet. Luar Biasa!! Saya pikir belajar di Australia akan rumit. Namun, 'keluarga' di SUN Education membantu saya membuat semuanya sederhana. Ada yang mengatakan bahwa kegagalan untuk merencanakan berarti merencanakan untuk gagal, SUN Education akan membantu Anda untuk merencanakan tentang segala ...More
Felix Saputra No ratings yet. Nama : Felix Saputra Asal Sekolah : Monash College Sekolah yang dituju : MIBT, Australia Program : College Intake : February 2012 SUN really helps me to provide every detail I need to get to the college. They explain every single detail and keep us updated. Come to SUN for help is very...More
Reinardus Jason Gunawan No ratings yet. Nama : Reinardus Jason Gunawan Asal Sekolah : FH Aachen, Germany Sekolah yang dituju : University of Technology Sydney (Insearch-UTS) Program : Diploma of Business Intake : July 2012 SUN Education has been pretty helpful to me, deciding whats best for my future. Because deciding the rig...More
Prisca Shienny Mulapoa No ratings yet. Nama : Prisca Shienny Mulapoa Asal Sekolah : Broadrick Sec School Singapore Sekolah yang dituju : UNSW Foundation Sydney Intake : April 2012 program : Bachelor of Commerce The service provided is excellent. When I sent a message through the web, I wasn’t even expecting a quick re...More
Winda Liviya Ng No ratings yet. Nama : Winda Liviya NG Asal Sekolah : University of Indonesia Sekolah yang dituju : Monash University, Australia Program : Transfer Program Medicine Intake : July 2012 I like how the staff works, very professional. I don’t have to do anything at all. As compared to other agent con...More
Gabriel Marco Perez Rosit No ratings yet. Nama : Gabriel Marco Perez Rosit Asal Sekolah : Mentari International School Sekolah yang Dituju : Canning College, Perth Jurusan : Year 11 Science Intake : july 11 I am Gabriel from the Philippines. I’ve lived in Jakarta, Indonesia for the past 10 years and got used to an easy comforta...More
Jonathan Pudiartono No ratings yet. Nama : Jonathan Pudiartono Asal sekolah : SMUK 1 BPK penabur Sekolah yang Dituju : Monash University, Australia Jurusan : Diploma of Business (commerce) – Monash College Clayton -- October 2011 Bachelor of Commerce – Monash University -- June 2012...More
Christofer Taslim No ratings yet. Nama: Christofer Taslim Dari: Alumni SMA Santu Petrus, Pontianak Program: Diploma of Commerce (Business). Intake: October 2011 at Monash University, Australia Hi! My Name is Christofer Taslim, and everybody calls me Chris. I want to share with you my experience in choosing the right university...More
Eric Hannopo No ratings yet. Nama : Eric Hannopo Asal Sekolah : SMA Santu Petrus, Pontianak Sekolah yang dituju : University of New South Wales Jurusan : Foundation Intake : August 2011 Many friends of mine face a lot of difficulties choosing the right university. Fortunately, as the youngest son in my family, I am able ...More