on 25 August 2011

Emilio Wibisono

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Nama : Emilio Wibisono
Asal Sekolah : Jakarta International School
Sekolah yang Dituju : Les Roches – Gruyere University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland
Jurusan : Bachelor of Science in Food and Beverage Operations Management

“If one wishes to be successful in the hospitality industry, Les Roches is easily the school to attend. Their discipline yet exciting learning curriculum allows the opportunity to not only study the field, but also actually work in it. The school itself is amongst the top three world ranked Hotel Schools, and after only being a week here – I can see why. The other students you meet at Les Roches are extremely kind and gentle, just because it is a hotel school. Therefore, people attending the school aren’t as shy or quiet as students you would find in another college. Making friends, will not be a difficult feat. Without SUN Education’s help, I would not be attending the school now. I can’t stress what I just aforementioned enough. SUN Education helped with the essay writing, document organizing, VISA application, and generally everything needed to be accepted to Les Roches.”

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