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Actuarial Science

Do you still remember with Evelyn Monica Leonardi? Yup. This mathematician girl featured in the September-October 2016 edition of SNews, telling of her experience assisted by SUN Education for her college arrangement to Canada. Happily, she shared her exciting experience of her first year as a Bachelor of Mathematics in Actuarial Science student at the University of Waterloo, one of Canada’s best universities.

“The lecture at Waterloo is really a new learning I’ve never felt before. I really study in a new country, a new culture, I have to adapt to all kinds of differences and it is a fun thing to learn, “said Evelyn.

This 18-year-old student mentioned her favorite thing while studying there was the peaceful, quiet, and very calm Waterloo environment. There, Evelyn continued, the state of the city looks very structured and organized, so the students can focus on learning.

Evelyn dengan teman-teman dari Indonesia. Foto/Dok. SUN

Another exciting experience that Evelyn gained was a co-operative education activity known as the co-op, from the University of Waterloo. The co-op at the university allows students to do an internship in the field they have been studying for four months. At the beginning of the year, Evelyn joined the Indonesia Association Club provided by the University of Waterloo.

The club is a gathering place with friends of the homeland and is open to foreigners who want to know the culture of Indonesia deeper. In the club, there are many exciting activities, such as cooking typical Indonesian dishes, playing games, and so forth. In addition, she also follows a club related to her department, the Actuarial Science Club. Following the gathering made her meet many experienced people in the actuary and knew the details of Actuarial Science before taking a course in the second year.

Evelyn also got a chance to do her first co-op at a prestigious insurance company in Jakarta. She said that she got a lot of valuable experience during the co-op program in areas that are full of risk and uncertainty calculations.

“I can work with actuaries. I can learn how to work as an actuary. I do not just hear from people’s stories. But, I can experience for myself how the actuary works. After I found out, actuary work is cool. Moreover, I know some of the terms of insurance that is unique and I never know before. Then, the mentor at the office is very very supportive,” she explained enthusiastically.

University of Waterloo itself, she added, provides a platform for students in choosing a place for co-op, making it easier for them to choose the company that they want according to their field, to the job responsibilities. In addition, there is a place for facilitating students’ careers at the Tatham Center.

The science lover is confident with the major she chose now. Although she has not studied the major yet, she already has an important view of the work of actuaries that are now sought after by companies in the insurance industry.

After graduation, she wants to complete all the exams and take the Fellow Society of Actuaries exam, a worldwide association to earn a fellow actuaries degree. The title became the top profession title in actuary. (SJV)

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