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Computer Science Graduates are in Great Demand

As the use of technology increases in this digital era, the greater the career opportunities of Computer Science graduates. This is admitted by Norman Sasono, Chief Technology Officer of in a seminar entitled ‘Computer Science Degree Opens Many Doors for Your Future’. This seminar is part of the 2018 International Education Expo event held at Le Meridien Hotel, Jakarta, on 5/8.

Computer Science

Norman Sasono presented a seminar entitled “Computer Science Degree Opens ManyDoors for Your Future”. Photo: SUN

The seminar was attended by dozens of participants, the majority of which consisted of high school students and parents. They seemed enthusiastic about listening to Norman’s presentation about the opportunities for computer science careers in the present and future.

“The world has changed. In the past, working in an oil company was prestigious. But now, that pride has taken over by technology companies.” He added, since 2016, the giant technology companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon are driving the world. Reporting from The Economist, these companies collectively collected more than $ 25 billion in net profit in the first quarter of 2017. Apple even recorded history as the first company in the world with a valuation of up to $ 1 trillion (Source: Standard Media 2018).

In Indonesia alone, various start-ups are growing rapidly and are part of the unicorn of the world (the term for start-up companies whose valuations reach $ 1 billion). The start-ups are Go-Jek, Traveloka, Tokopedia, and Bukalapak.

Norman said, the definition of computer is actually not about its computer physical devices, but also all the technologies that involve the computer science in its use. In computer science, the basic knowledge that must be mastered includes theory, experimentation, engineering, and data technology.

According to Norman, there are 4 core areas of study in computer science: Computer Systems, Computer Applications, Software Engineering, and Theoretical Computer Science. And, of the four areas, the field of Software Engineering and Theoretical Computer Science became the most promising. From the Software Engineering area is born Software Engineers. Meanwhile, from Theoretical Computer Science is born the Data Scientists.

“Not only the technology-based company but also all companies in any field inevitably need these two professions. But, unfortunately, human resources that meet the criteria of professionals in both fields are still minimal, “explained the man who has been in the technology industry for almost 20 years.

Professional Software Engineers and Data Scientists are highly sought after by many companies in various fields. Photo: SUN

Norman did not deny that the rise of technology companies today is mainly triggered by human needs and activities that are not spared from the use of data technology. Various important human needs such as food, clothing, home, transportation, to self-actualization can be fulfilled by using only a smartphone. All of these activities require data so that users can connect to the internet, so they can do the desired activity.

“It’s proven that humans are increasingly inseparable from technology. And this can be great and promising opportunities for all the computer science graduates in the future,” said Norman.

Well, in order to win the competition to enter the Computer Science major, Norman revealed some good tips and tricks that you should try:

  • Sharpen Logic Ability
    As a first step, start to love math and to learn “coding” from online courses on the internet, for example from the website or tutorials on Youtube. Through this method, you can practice logical thinking skills and solve problems.


  • Selectively Selecting Schools
    Choose universities that teach computer science in fundamental levels, such as algorithms and data structures. Don’t forget to ensure the curriculum offered is relevant to the current technological era.


  • Creating Positive Change through Computer Science
    According to Bill Gates, there are two things that determine success. First, if the people around you feel happy and loved. Second, if you can provide positive benefits and impacts to people in your environment. In Computer Science, you can do both things.


So, for those of you who are interested in Computer science, there is no need to hesitate to study it more deeply. Who knows, you will be the next Bill Gates in the future!

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