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5 April 2016
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5 April 2016

Eight UTS Students Have Been Recognised in the Annual Future Leaders of Australia Awards

Award from Future Leaders of Australia Awards

Award from Future Leaders of Australia Awards

Award from Future Leaders of Australia Awards. Eight University of Technology Sydney students, from various undergraduate programs, have been awarded in the annual Top 100 Future Leaders of Australia awards.

The winners are Cindy Tan, Brian Ye and Marissa Toto (Business School), Helen Zhang (Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Laws), Florence He and Minnie Zhu (Bachelor of Information Technology), Benjamin Lawrence (Bachelor of Engineering), and Stephanie Newman (Bachelor of Communication). Three of the students even won individual awards as well.

Cindy Tan (left) – business student who received 2 individual awards. Source: UTS website

In addition to being awarded as a future leader, Cindy Tan picked up two individual awards. Cindy Tan, who studied Marketing Communications and Finance, was the winner of the KPMG Diversity Award and the Woolworths Ltd. Consumer Goods, Marketing and Retail Award. She was also a finalist in the Fusion Graduate Consultancy First in Family Award and in the PageUp Social Change Advocate award. Two students from Information Technology program, Florence He and Minnie Zhu also won individual awards: Florence He secured the Suncorp Information Technology Award and Minnie Zhu gained the Accenture Design and User experience Award.

The award was presented in the 2016 GradConnection Awards. Top100 Future Leaders award is a national award that looks for and acknowledges the 100 best students from universities throughout Australia. The selection process comprised written and online applications, psychometric testing, video interviews, and a day of activities in an assessment centre. The winners were selected by some of Australia’s leading employers.

There were more than 1000 applications from high calibre students across the country. The committee were looking for students who stood out not only academically but also in leadership and service. Deloitte, PwC, KPMG, EY, and Woolworths were some employers that participate in the event. These employers sponsored each award, picked the overall winner, and also had the option to provide other prizes and job offers.

UTS students not only have academic excellence but are also very sociable. Source: UTS website

Young leaders who won the awards come from diverse backgrounds and programs in UTS. These winners were not afraid to step outside their comfort zones. University education and work experience, along with extracurricular activities, had given the winners not only the technical skills that they need but also other important characteristics so that they will make a contribution to society more largely.

UTS was one of four non-Group of Eight universities ranked in the top 100 universities in the world in particular discipline areas, according to The Australian Financial Review. UTS has the focus on industry, practice-based teaching and learning, and real world research. Various programs offered in UTS prepare students to become global thinkers, leaders and innovators. (DAS)

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