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About Study in the Netherlands and Scholarship Info

About Study in the Netherlands and Scholarship Info. There are so many reasons why the Netherlands is a great destination for international students to pursue higher education. Quoted from, more than 112,000 international students including 1,200 students from Indonesia who continue their education to the Netherlands during the academic year 2016-17.

Below is information about study in the Netherlands and scholarship info from Student Counselor Nuffic Nesso Indonesia, Viddy M. Naufal that was shared to the participants in the seminar entitled “Study in Holland and Scholarship Info Session” at UK & Europe Education Expo on Sunday, 11 February 2018 in Jakarta:

study in the Netherlands and scholarship info

Student Counselor Nuffic Nesso Indonesia Viddy M. Naufal shared information about study in the Netherlands and scholarship info. Photo/Doc. SUN


The second Country to Speak English

Quoted from the Neso Indonesia website, 95% of the Dutch population is proficient in the use of English, making it easier for international students to communicate daily. At institutions or universities, there are over 2,100 undergraduate and graduate programs taught in English.


Educational Orientation

“There are no universities in the Netherlands that are of poor quality. All universities are as good as quality. What distinguishes them is the focus of the study program and the research,” explained Viddy.

The University of the Netherlands has two types of orientation, research-oriented education offered by the research university and applied science-oriented education offered by the university of applied sciences.

Research universities in the Netherlands are generally in the Top 200 world rankings. The courses offered are from bachelor (master’s degree), master (magister), to Ph.D. (doctorate). While, generally, applied universities in the Netherlands are not in the world rankings, but that does not mean the quality of teaching is bad. This is because applied universities are project-oriented, not research. Therefore, the level of study only from bachelor to master.


Work Opportunities

As a student, you must apply to the Dutch Chamber of Commerce for a work permit. You have the opportunity to work 10 hours per week, either on weekend or weekdays.

After graduation from college, you can apply for a student orientation year visa, which is a visa for you to stay for a year. Although the visa is only for one year stay, you can stay a maximum of three years after completion of the study. This visa can be used for job search, internship, or research purposes. If within a year you have permanent employment, the company will then be required to sponsor you to extend the visa.


“Home Away from Home”

Although far from the country, Indonesian students can still feel like living at home. You can find Indonesian foods, such as rawon, tempe, ketoprak and so forth.


Tuition Fee and Living Expenses

Viddy explained that the tuition and living expenses in the Netherlands are well worth even more than what would be acceptable when studying there. In fact, those costs are lower than in other English-speaking countries.

Tuition in the Netherlands is around €6,000 – €12,000 per year for undergraduates (1 Euro = IDR16,850 per 14 Feb 2018). While the postgraduate is approximately €8,000 – €20,000 per year. Living costs are about €850 per month for meals, transportation, housing, and study purposes. But, Viddy continued, if we adjust our lifestyles like Dutch citizens, such as riding a bicycle, cooking their own food, living expenses can be reduced to €600 – €700 per month.

If we adjust our lifestyles like Dutch citizens, we can minimize the living cost. Source: Stuff Dutch People Like

Scholarship Info

Scholarships for studying in the Netherlands are widely available, both from the Dutch government and the Indonesian government. From Dutch government is from Stuned, Orange Knowledge program, Holland scholarship.

From Indonesian government: LPDP, BUDI, MORA, and others. From Dutch Higher Education institutions: OTS, Leiden excellent Scholarship, Saxion Talent Scholarship. From the European Union: Erasmus-SHARE, and others.

You can apply for various scholarship options. If you get all the scholarships, you have the right to choose one. If you get a partial scholarship, you can seek other scholarship sources for your needs only if the scholarship allows you to do it.


How to start your studies in the Netherlands?

There is a search engine called Study Finder ( to help you find any university in the Netherlands that provides your desired courses or majors. If you still feel not satisfied with the information on Study Finder, you can find information about the program at the university concerned, research publications from the professor, and alumni career center.

For those of you who want to apply to a university, there is a portal from the government of the university for students to register up to four universities named Studylink. But not all universities use this portal, so you are expected to check the admissions web page of every university.

Generally, the attachment of the application form includes your last educational certificate, transcript of grades, English Language certificate (IELTS or TOEFL), motivation statement, CV, and reference letter.


The Right Time to Apply for Study and Scholarship

Viddy shared more tips about enrollment to university in the Netherlands. You can register application forms and documents six to nine months before your course begins. Usually, in the Netherlands there is only a big intake in September.

For those of you who want to enter the scholarship program, do pay attention to the study schedule so that the time is not close to the scholarship registration schedule. The time to get a Letter of Acceptance ranges from four to six weeks. In order to obtain the LOA, Viddy suggested that students register from long before the deadline of scholarship registration.

That’s all about the study in the Netherlands and scholarship info. Do you want to make it easier to apply for a study in the Netherlands? Contact our counselor at the nearest SUN Education office or visit SUN Course Navigation for information on studying in the Netherlands, as well as the universities and its programs. (SJV)

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