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4 July 2018
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Chef Thierry Lerallu: Inspires People Through Pastry

Chef Thierry Lerallu: Inspires People Through Pastry. Being a Chef Pastry is not enough just to rely on skill in baking and making cakes. Passion must also be involved in working in the challenging industry.

“That’s a good decision if you choose to work in the pastry world. But, most importantly, you must have a passion and be sensitive to your instinct, ” said Chef, who is also the instructor of the Boulangerie & Pastry program at one of the world’s best culinary schools, Le Cordon Bleu (LCB) Malaysia.

Chef Thierry Lerallu

Chef Thierry Lerallu. Source: SUN

Experienced in pastry culinary industry for 35 years, Chef Thierry knows very well the joy and sorrow of working in the world of cooking. This chef who loves to smile has worked in 5 stars international hotels in Malaysia and South Korea. The various professions demands have become commonplace for him, such as creating innovative menus, being firmly in charge of staff in the kitchen and responsible for providing various pastries on time.

Even so, there is no word ‘tired’ in Chef Thierry’s dictionary in producing the best pastry dish. “While working at the hotel, I was asked to take care of food for hundreds and even thousands of people. In carrying out the task, I and the team tried to make a good pastry for customers, ” explained Chef Thierry.

Fatigue for the hard work of preparing the best dish paid off when he saw customers enjoying his homemade dishes. “There are customers who are grateful for our efforts to make a delicious pastry,” added the Chef before focusing on the pastry had tried the field of patissier, chocolatier, to a confectioner.

Chef Thierry confessed his love for the culinary world cannot be separated from his childhood. Growing up in Normandy, France, little Thierry has grown accustomed to seeing cooking and baking activities. Understandably, in France, the art of pastry is growing rapidly and often become a reference in the world. He has mastered the skill of cooking since the young age. Such a talented man!

The ability of Chef Thierry in cooking is shown by various accomplishments. Some of them are: he earned the Best Apprentice title in bakery & pattisery field and got a special award at Bernard Loiseau Culinary Festival in Mauritius, France.

Now, the myriad of experiences and knowledge he shares with Malaysian LCB culinary school students, especially in the field of pastry and bakery. Chef Thierry also actively motivated the students who want to pursue the field of pastry. “Keep learning and practicing basic techniques of making pastry. The more you practice, the better your experience in making a pastry,” added the chef who also wrote cookbooks ‘A Touch of French’.

Chef Thierry Lerallu. Source: Youtube LCB Malaysia

Well, no need to worry for you who aspire to be a professional chef pastry, but you have not mastered the basic techniques to make pastry yet. As long as you have passion and perseverance in learning, you certainly can make that dream comes true. Followed by concrete steps, entering international cooking school.

As one of the best culinary institutions in the world, LCB Malaysia applies progressive way learning method for its students. This is the basic technique of making a pastry from A to Z, taught by the experienced and competent chefs. With this method, students will do more practice recipe processing materials directly imported from France.

LCB Malaysia. Source: UniDigest

Well, how about you SUNners? Are you interested in studying cooking at LCB Malaysia? Contact our counselor directly at the nearest SUN Education office or visit SUN Course Navigation for detailed information on LCB Malaysia and the programs offered.

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