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21 December 2017
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23 December 2017

Contributing to Global Development Through Program from University of Nottingham Malaysia

Interested in working in the international development sector? It takes practical skills and knowledge in development issues. These skills can be obtained from International Development Management graduate program at one of Malaysia’s best universities, the University of Nottingham.

Located in Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia, the University of Nottingham Malaysia offers world-class English education that is in the ranks of 100 leading universities worldwide according to QS World University Rankings 2016/17. The Malaysian campus plays an important role in the development, strategy, and implementation of the International Curriculum through its programs with the aim of developing the lives of individuals and communities around the world.

University of Nottingham Malaysia campus. Source: UNM

As offered by Nottingham through the MSc International Development Management program. Development management itself is a multidisciplinary study that studies the economic, socio-political, and other characteristics associated with development. This program is designed to equip students to contribute to improving development globally.

The courses of the MSc International Development Management program will produce students who can develop comprehensive multidisciplinary insights on international development, examine the possibilities of development in the globalized world, understand the causes of persistence of poverty and global inequality, apply development theories to improve development practices, and improve development outcomes. All subjects are taught by qualified teachers from different countries enabling students to attend seminars, tutorials and practical classes to suit learning.

international development

All the skills are taught by quality teachers f. Sumber: UNM

All the skills taught through this program are certainly needed by agents in the development sector. It is therefore expected that this program can be a professional stepping stone in development organizations, aid and relief organizations, charities and NGOs, international, local and national government organizations, think tanks, policy advice and lobbying.

Courses are taught for one year for the full-time mode with English and opened for night classes at Teaching Center, Kuala Lumpur. The degree is open to applicants from any background.

To support student learning, the University of Nottingham Malaysia offers a diverse range of services and facilities, both for academic and non-academic. Like the state-of-the-art libraries, cafes and sports centers to make life on campus more fun.

University of Nottingham Malaysia offers sport centre to students. Source: UNM

The requirements required for students studying at one of Malaysia’s best universities are students must graduate from a recognized university. Other equivalent qualifications will be considered on a case-by-case basis. For the english qualification is IELTS™ score 6.5 (with no less than 6.0 on each element) or TOEFL® (iBT): 87 (minimum 20 in Speaking and 19 in all other elements).

Want to know more about University of Nottingham Malaysia? Contact our counselor at the nearest SUN Education office or visit SUN Course Navigation for information about this university and programs offered by University of Nottingham Malaysia. (SJV)

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