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Taking Murdoch’s Double Major Degree Program in Kaplan Singapore
10 May 2017
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12 May 2017

Want a Full Scholarship from Cambridge University? Here are the tips

Tips To Get Full Scholarships At Cambridge University

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Tips To Get Full Scholarships At Cambridge University

Tips To Get Full Scholarships At Cambridge University. Who doesn’t want to get a scholarship from Cambridge university, one of  the best universities in the world? To get a scholarship at a 95 noble award-winning university may be difficult and competitive, but it’s not impossible.

The proof, Sabrina Anjara, the first person at the University of Cambridge from Indonesia was able to get a scholarship from the Gates Cambridge Scholarship program in 2014 to continue her PhD degree for three years in Public Health. With the hard work and achievements, Sabrina has now become a doctoral researcher at the University Cambridge with a focus on mental health services in Indonesia.

Sabrina Anjara, the first Gates Cambridge Scholarship from Indonesia / Source: Surviving UK Masters

Cambridge University has a Bill Gates scholarship program named the Gates Cambridge Scholarship for international students annually. There are several courses offered, for PhD or three years of research, MSc or MLitt for a two-year research degree, and one-year postgraduate course, such as MPhil, LLM, MASt, MBA, and so on. These offered scholarships include tuition fees, maintenance allowances, visa fees, and many others.

Cambridge University (Source: Business Insider)

To get the scholarship, Sabrina explained that the most important thing is to prepare what the university needs. There are four criteria that must be known to candidates who want to get a scholarship. Here are the criteria:

Academic Excellence

To apply for a scholarship in Cambridge, candidates must have an outstanding academic track record. “It means we should be able to prove that we can meet Cambridge’s intellectual standards,” Sabrina explained in an exclusive interview with SUN Education at the World Top 250 Prestigious Expo at the Mercure Alam Sutera Hotel on Saturday (6/5/2017).

Outstanding academics can be demonstrated by good academic value, organizational leadership experience, achievements, and so forth, which of course meets the Cambridge requirements. This is a proof that candidates are able to make a good contribution while studying in Cambridge later.

Leadership Skill

Candidates should also have leadership skills. Sabrina explained that this skill can be demonstrated in various ways, such as organizational leadership, leading a charity project, and so on. For example, prior to Cambridge, Sabrina herself served as Vice President of the Academic Affairs Company NameIndonesian Scholars International Convention 2015 and is a coxswain for Queens’ College Boat Club. While in Cambridge, she also served as secretary general of Cambridge Students Society Indonesia for two years.

Commitment to Improve the Lives of Others

This is an important point of the Gates Cambridge Scholarship scholarship concept. The candidates must be able to contribute to the surrounding community. “It means, every activity must prove we have a passion to make the quality of lives of others better,” Sabrina said.

She herself also has contributed to Indonesia in her research in the field of Global Mental Health to provide mental health practitioners in the country of Indonesia. Prior to her PhD degree, one of her research has contributed to policy change on domestic workers in Singapore and was used by advocates of foreign workers’ rights to campaign for changes to domestic workers’ contracts.

Fit to Cambridge Academic

Sabrina admitted that the Cambridge system is a bit unique, so not everyone can fit in. She explained that independence skill is necessary to survive, because elected candidates should be able to assure their qualifications and aspirations in accordance with what Cambridge offers in the graduate program. Therefore, it is important that candidates can make a convincing argument for a particular postgraduate degree at Cambridge.

To get the latest information on Cambridge University, visit the official website www.cam.ac.uk. For assistance in overseas study, please contact the nearest SUN Education office. (SJV)


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