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6 May 2014
10 Personal Safety Tips as a College Student
10 Personal Safety Tips as a College Student
23 May 2014

Water Sustainability, Who is Responsible for It?

Water Sustainability, Who is Responsible for It?

Water Sustainability, Who is Responsible for It?

Water Sustainability, Who is Responsible for It? .Mounting freshwater scarcity owing to rising water demands and a changing climate is increasingly perceived as a major risk for the global economy. The situation has been created by the growing population and more demand for higher living standards that have led to the overuse of water resources.

This is definitely a challenge everywhere, for every country to look at many aspects to water scarcity including the way water consumption per end product (water footprint) is to be measured.

University of Twente in Netherland owns Twente Water Centre, a research centre that explores the situation and seeks solutions. Professor Arjen Hoekstra of the University of Twente, who is also the Founder for the Water Footprint Network has not only created a water footprint that has been adopted worldwide, but also has come out with sound argument to raise the awareness of water scarcity.

A writer for Nature Climate Change Journal, Prof. Hoekstra recently argued that the private sector’s commitment alone will not be enough to achieve the management shift required to sustainably meet the needs of millions of water consumers around the world and calls for a strengthening of the role of governments to implement new regulation of water use. The complete article in Special Edition of Nature Climate Change can be read in here which presents four opinion pieces on the risks and opportunities posed to private companies by water scarcity, highlight the steps some companies have already taken and, overall, the actions that are still required.

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About Arjen Hoekstra                                                                                  

Hoekstra is professor Water Management and affiliated to the Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies. His standard for measuring water consumption per end product, the water footprint, has now been adopted throughout the world. As a result, Prof. Hoekstra enjoys an enviable international reputation. How much water is consumed and polluted throughout the product’s entire chain? The manufacture of a single cotton shirt, for example, requires no less than 2700 litres of water. Accordingly, people need to be much more aware of water consumption. Arjen Hoekstra founded the Water Footprint Network to raise awareness of the use of water as a natural resource. Some two hundred companies and organizations have already joined up.

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About University of Twente                                                                                   

University of Twente is located in Enschede which is 2 hours from Schiphol Airport which has a direct train line from the Airport to Enschede. As a Research University, Twente is more comprehensive and offers programs from Bachelor, Master to PhD and Doctorate. There are 6 faculties in Twente namely: CTW – Engineering & Technology, EEMCS – Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, BS – Behavioral Science, SMG – School of Management and Governance, TNW – Science and Technology, and  ITC – International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation. Click here to know more info on Twente.

For assistance in applying to study overseas at University of Twente, please contact SUN Education office near you.


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