Working together would help people achieve more
Most would agree that working together would help people achieve more
28 July 2012
Tips To get IELTS Speaking 7.0 Score (Part 2)
SUN English Promo Preparation IELTS/TOEFL August 2012
30 July 2012

DVC Interview Session August 2012

Belajar Sports Science di University of Central Lancashire

Study in USA with Diablo Valley College (No.1 Transfer Rate to UC Berkeley)
Diablo Valley College is one of three publicly supported two-year community colleges in the Contra Costa Community College District. The main campus is located off Interstate 680 in Pleasant Hill, California and 20 miles east of UC Berkeley. A San Ramon Campus in Dougherty Valley opened its doors to students in November of 2006.

For over 60 years, Diablo Valley College has provided quality education to the community it serves. A million students later, enrolling at DVC is one of the best ways you can ensure acceptance at a four-year college. DVC is not only recognized as one of California’s best community colleges, but it also leads the state in transfer to four-year institutions.

Research figures recently released by UCLA’s Center for the Study of Community Colleges show that DVC’s transfer rate to four-year universities is 67 percent higher than the national average. Another report, released by the California Post-secondary Educational Commission, shows that DVC ranked number one in transfers in the state, ahead of all other California community colleges.

FIND OUT, REGISTER and COME to DVC Interview Session with Mr. Naoki Hirota (Asia Representative)

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