Testimonial IELTS Preparation Class
Firman Setiady
31 January 2011
Testimonial IELTS Preparation
Stefanus Yudanto
31 January 2011

Karina Lestari

Testimonial James Cook University

When I first joined the class, I felt a little bit nervous. I haven’t really used my English in a quite long time. After a few sessions, everything changed. The class’ atmosphere and the way the teacher encouraged me, made me much more comfortable. A topic or two can melt down the boredom of studying. I didn’t even realize that the conversation itself was one of the ways he taught me. I am not a really confident person, and I tend to get nervous easily. I felt like I’ve ruined the whole test, in fact, I did it well. Of course, the encouragement from the teacher was one big factor…. 🙂

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