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1 March 2013

Party & Career Counseling

Kuliah Professional Counselling di Monash University Malaysia

Hello Melbournians!
Last month we had a blast with our Lunar New Year Party, but this time we’re going into the more serious topic-CAREER!

If you’re seeking part time jobs or you’ll graduate soon and want to enter the Australian job market for the first time, our event can help you to get more ready!

In our Career Counselling, we’ll have an EXPERIENCED SPEAKER from Navitas Profesional to discuss the ENVIRONMENT and CONDITION of WORKING IN AUSTRALIA, how to write RESUME and COVER LETTER that appeals employer, SELECTION CRITERIA, INTERVIEWS, JOB SEARCH STRATEGIES, adn much more

If it’s still not enough, we’ll also have a little welcoming party for students, with FREE LUNCH, SNACKS & DRINKS, GAMES, and everyone who come will have a chance to WIN A POLAROID CAMERA in our LUCKY DRAWS!

So what you’re waiting for!?


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