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You are 5 Stars

BMIHMS Belajar di China Lulus di Australia

In 2012, the TOP 10 International Hotel Companies will open 1,250 Hotels! So, let’s see if you could open a hotel too!
* According to the MKG Hospitality Database – March 2012.

Laureate are now launching a worldwide online competition to their market, including Indonesia. The game name You Are 5 Stars and it is limited to the microsite.
Game URL: www.youare5stars.com
FB: www.facebook.com/uare5stars
Twitter: @uare5stars

Terms and Conditions:
1. The competition is open to any person between the ages of 15-30.
2. Anyone can participate for this competition. However, staff, current student and LHE Alumni are not eligible to win prizes. For current student and LHE Alumni, they can promote the competition through facebook contest and a chance to win a smaller prize.
3. Prizes for winners:
– 60 participants will win “Dakine”, travel bags branded LHE
– 5 participants will win thw new iPad
– 1 winner will win a trip to one of 5 destinations (Swiss, Spain, US, China and Australia) with his/her parents. They also will staying in a luxury hotel and visit one of our schools. The value of this prize is 10,000 CHF

How does it work?
This game is designed to be a fun and easy online game experience. It allows the player to create 1-3 hotels, with a customized design, logo and special features. The objective of the game is to promote one’s hotel/s using the tools provided to get the most “check-in”. More check-ins means a better chance to winning the prizes and entering the final phase of interviews to win a trip to one of 5 destinations above. There will be 6 judges in total, each representing one of LHE Schools in 5 countries.

During the interview, the candidates will be questioned on:
– Their hotel construction
– Their hotel strategy
– Their hotel promotion
– The hospitality industry

The game will end on October 28th, after 8 weeks running, The winners will be announced within two weeks.

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