6 November 2018

Let’s Study Political Science!

Let’s Study Political Science! – If you’ve just graduated but still feel clueless on choosing a subject, think about political […]
1 November 2018

Julian Prassumiwi Heriana: Persistence in Reaching Dreams

It’s easy to dream, but it also takes a struggle to make it happen. The phrase is appropriate given […]
10 September 2018

Bright Prospects for Creative Industry

Bright Prospects for Creative Industry. Collaborating with SUN Education, the School of Audio and Engineering (SAE) Indonesia held the […]
27 July 2018

Up-Close and Personal with Diki Suryaatmadja, The Genius Prodigy!

Up-Close and Personal with Diki Suryaatmadja, The Genius Boy! Has an IQ score of 189, a number of achievements […]
13 June 2018

Bellerbys College UK: Delivering Students to the Best University

13 June 2018

Putri Tanjung: Ready to Change the World Through Creativepreneur

As a child of a conglomerate, living a life of luxury without working hard is very common. However, it […]
7 June 2018

Heriot-Watt University Malaysia: Affordable Cost & ‘Ready-to-work’ Grads

31 May 2018

Winna Yudistika: Earned A Master’s Degree in the UK for Career Expansion

Winna Yudistika (29) is not tired of pursuing knowledge. Graduated as a Bachelor of Economics at the University of […]
18 May 2018

SCGH Overcomes Global Health Challenges

There are still a number of challenges in the field of health in the life of the global community. […]
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