13 June 2018

Putri Tanjung: Ready to Change the World Through Creativepreneur

As a child of a conglomerate, living a life of luxury without working hard is very common. However, it […]
4 April 2018

Is Start-Up Business Suitable for Everyone?

More and more start-up businesses are emerging in Indonesia each year. The big opportunities in this business are marked […]
2 April 2018

Dear Millennials, These are The Tips to Success in Career and Being a Leader

Millennial generation is often regarded as “Me Me Me Generation” in which they tend to have selfish and arrogant […]
28 March 2018
education expo

Realize Your Great Education and Career at the World Top 250 Education Expo 2018

SUN Education Group presented the first educational exhibition in Indonesia with the 3 in 1 concept. Titled “World Top […]
21 March 2018

Learn to Cook Cuisine and Patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Festival 2018

In collaboration with SUN Education, Le Cordon Bleu (LCB) held the LCB Culinary Festival on Saturday, March 10, 2018 […]
26 February 2018

Timothy Astandu: Graduated PhD at Young Age and His Contribution to Indonesia

Timothy Astandu. Pursuing higher education is important and being educated is a dream of many people. Just as former […]
9 February 2018

How Felice Hwang, Runner-up 2 Miss International, Achieve Her Dreams

How Felice Hwang, Runner-up 2 Miss International, Achieve Her Dreams. Everyone has their own way to achieve their goals. […]
1 February 2018

10 Most Beautiful Universities in the UK

10 Most Beautiful Universities in the UK. The beauty of buildings and campus environment becomes the main attraction for students […]
19 January 2018

This is How Indonesian Young Billionaire Become “Creativepreneur”

Welcoming demographic bonus phenomena in 2020-2030, Indonesia will experience up to 70% increase in number of the productive population […]