7 June 2018

5 Advantages of Studying at the University of Sydney

5 Advantages of Studying at the University of Sydney. Speaking of research and education, the University of Sydney (Usyd) […]
31 May 2018

Winna Yudistika: Earned A Master’s Degree in the UK for Career Expansion

Winna Yudistika (29) is not tired of pursuing knowledge. Graduated as a Bachelor of Economics at the University of […]
18 May 2018
Global Health

SCGH Overcomes Global Health Challenges

There are still a number of challenges in the field of health in the life of the global community. […]
2 May 2018

Clinical Psychology: A Study Option After Bachelor of Psychology

Studying Psychology allows you to gain a broad insight into the various aspects of the human cognitive function. One […]
23 April 2018

Learn Cyber Security and Management for Building a Business

It can not be denied that almost all aspects of human life now depend on sophisticated technology and digital […]
19 April 2018

Get The Opportunity to Work After Graduation in Ireland

Work After Graduation in Ireland. Not all countries are supportive to grant work permits for international students upon their […]
13 April 2018

The Skills That The Professional Animator Needs

Career opportunities as an animator are very wide open. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, the work of […]
4 April 2018

Is Start-Up Business Suitable for Everyone?

More and more start-up businesses are emerging in Indonesia each year. The big opportunities in this business are marked […]
2 April 2018
For Millennial, Tips to Success in Career and Being a Leader

Dear Millennials, These are The Tips to Success in Career and Being a Leader

Millennial generation is often regarded as “Me Me Me Generation” in which they tend to have selfish and arrogant […]