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31 Jul 2017


24:00 - 17:00

Last Chance USA

Some of our distinguished US university partners :

1. Oregon State University (US)
Many alumni in Indonesia
Well known in Indonesian market
Quick admission process
Scholarship up to 30%
Pathway is available – easier admission requirement and more support for international student
NO need for GMAT/GRE
2. American University (US)
High ranked in US. #75 national ranked
Good programs for government official: taxation, public policy, public administration, political science real estate. Business: statistics, quantitative analysis, economics. Science: Environmental science, biostatistics, biotechnology
Quick admission process
NO need for GMAT / GRE
3. Shoreline community College (US)
Community College still available for last minute student
Located in Seattle: Safe, low tuition, good quality of education, good transfer to top university in US
NO need for TOEFL / IELTS
Have Indonesian community
4. Fraser International College (CA)
Pathway to Simon Fraser University (top three comprehensive univ in CA)
Good for business, science, engineering.
Located in Vancouver – one of the best cities in the world
Have Indonesian community
5. Columbia College
Located in Vancouver – campus in the city
High school completion available (Accept student from grade 10, other college need grade 12/finish high school)
Credit transfer to: Simon Fraser Univ, Univ of Victoria, Univ of British Columbia, and many more.
Low tuition cost. Around $12,000 per year

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