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Putri Tanjung: Ready to Change the World Through Creativepreneur

Putri Tanjung. Foto: SUN

As a child of a conglomerate, living a life of luxury without working hard is very common. However, it is different with Putri Indahsari Tanjung (21).

Putri Tanjung

Putri Tanjung. Photo: SUN

The first daughter of a rich businessman, Chairul Tanjung, is actively engaged in creating creative and inspirational work in the event organizer (EO): Creativepreneur Event Creator. Unmitigated, this student majoring in Multimedia Communication at Academy of Art University, United States, even dared to run her business from zero, without relying on her father’s big name.

To SUN, Putri exclusively shared about her struggle to run the EO business and to achieve her dreams. Take a look on our interview with this pretty and smart girl:


Hi, Putri! Tell us what you are doing now….

I’m off college since May. And will be in Jakarta until September. Right now I’m busy running a Creativepreneur business. Some projects are still running, one of them is talk-show. In addition, I’m also running a #MudaMergerak campaign, a movement to bring together 300 creative young communities across Indonesia. I and my team selected the 300 communities to the top five. Well, from the five selected communities, we provide digital training on how to make applications, websites, and social media marketing.


It looks like you have a strong passion for the entrepreneurial world, does not you?

Correctly. I was inspired by my father. Since childhood, I’m used to seeing my father’s struggle as an entrepreneur. And, it makes me interested in the world of entrepreneurship. My first business at that time was EO on a small scale. EO that I ran at the age of 15 years. And, that’s where I started to feel the pain and tired of making money myself. But, that’s exactly what makes me more challenged to explore the world of entrepreneurship.


Born as a child of Chairul Tanjung, do you feel burdened?

Oh, for sure. People are so highly expecting me. Others may not know that Dad taught me very hard. When I pioneered my first business, I was not given a penny by Father. But, I am very grateful to be able to learn a lot and be guided directly by him.


How did you initially establish the Creativepreneur business?

The idea came from my observations in 2015. Back then, I noticed there was no educational, inspirational, but entertaining event at the same time. Even if there is one, the concept of the event takes days and boring. Well, from there I was moved to make a very entertaining and inspiring event with the affordable ticket price. So, everyone can come.


What are the challenges you face in running the business?

The hardest part is managing the time between study and work remotely via Jakarta-San Francisco. Also, the matter of seeking sponsorship is in line with the digital and industrial era that is currently moving very fast.


Then, how do you handle it?

About time management, I’m trying to make a priority scale. The priority is what I will do first. As for sponsorship, I set a strategy to keep working. Some steps are to find the added value of Creativepreneur itself, find out the character of the customer, and maintain cohesiveness with the team.

Putri Tanjung as a speaker at a social event from one of the elected communities in her #MudaMergerak movement. Photo: SUN


Well, talk about Ramadan, how is your experience of fasting in America?

Summer in America lasts a long time. I can break the fast until 9 pm. But, fasting becomes more exciting because there are so many Indonesian students there. We usually gather to dawn and open together. About the menu, we usually buy halal food that can be found out in the application.


How do you celebrate Eid?

Usually when Eid, my family and I go to grandparent house from the mother. After that, we go to grandma’s house from the father’s side. After that, we usually hold an open house. For Eid this year, we are planning a trip to Sumba, NTT, after holding an open house.


What foods are most missed while in America?

Rendang and sambal. Actually, there is Indonesian cuisine in America. But, it feels less steady as in Indonesia. I also miss the cooking of grandma who often cooks Padang cuisine.


Well, talk about your study. Why do you really intend to go far to study in San Francisco, United States?

Since childhood, I have a passion to work in the creative industry and want to learn Multimedia Communication. Well, the opportunity to study in the creative industry is bigger in America. My choice fell to the Academy of Art University, because I love the location of the city, in San Francisco. After all, since childhood, I really want to go to the university.


How did you experience studying at the Academy of Art University?

I went to college in July 2015. The learning experience there is really exciting! The course materials are hands-on and skill-oriented. I really learned how to work in an industry directly. There are not many tests and exams but practice right away. The content is like making scripts, operating the camera, and advertising. I even had the opportunity to help the professor.


How the application of Multimedia Communication Science in your business?

The science I studied during college was closely connected with the EO business and the agency I am working on. My campus is also very supportive of my activities and profession in the field of creativepreneurship. There are many opportunities that I can get there. One of them, by being a speaker at the Career Night seminar.

Putri Tanjung is now focusing on finishing her undergraduate study at the Academy of Art University in America. Photo: SUN


Well,  you’re very active on your campus, right?

That’s true. In addition to undergoing a busy college schedule, I also had time to join the United Indonesian Student Association in the United States (Permias). There, I was entrusted with being Vice President. But, I’m now ‘retired’ in Permias, because I want to focus on my study. I wish I could graduate from my university next year.


What is your unfulfilled dream at this time?

A lot of! But to be sure, I want to make Creativepreneur business as a creative company that can continue to contribute to the creative industry in Indonesia. Also, it can be a place for all young Indonesians to channel their aspirations.


As a millennial generation, how do you observe the future millennial potential?

Very large! In the future, millennial generation will be the largest population. Therefore, it is essential for the millennials to determine which area they want to move and work.


What do you expect from millennial generation?

Millenial generation should not forget that there is nothing instant in this world. Everything takes a long process. With that process, you will learn a lot. If you want to make a great work, love all the processes, including the ups and downs. So, for the millennial generation, do not be afraid to dream as high as possible. Work for others and do not forget to contribute to our nation, Indonesia. Dream Big and Make It!


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