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Studying Psychology through “Sunway University American Degree Transfer Program”
19 June 2017
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21 June 2017

Be Work-Ready Graduate in Canada through Humber College

Be Work-Ready Graduate in Canada through Humber College

Be Work-Ready Graduate in Canada through Humber College

Be Work-Ready Graduate in Canada through Humber College. Based on the Bank of Montreal regional employment report (BMO) that cited from Intisari news (16/6/2017), Canada is the best country to get jobs as the employment levels or number of jobs increasing each year. And that’s the opportunity that Humber College offers as one of the best campuses in Toronto, Canada.

Humber College Campus / Source: Humber College

Humber College gives a variety of benefits that prepare students to work in Canada. The institution which is a member of Polytechnics Canada is excellent in its polytechnic learning mode that combines deep theoretical learning with practical and applied experience. This model is well established and appreciated in Canada to prepare students to become professional graduates.

The Humber College faculty has also won awards for advanced academic credentials, industry experience, and advanced teaching methodologies in sophisticated labs and classes that capable of simulating real-world work environments. Humber also has strong industry relationships, and trains more than 15,000 people each year through customized corporate training.

Students at Humber College / Source: Your Humber College

Courses offered by Humber College include Bachelor programs, Advanced Diploma, Post Graduate, Certificate, as well as apprenticeship training in applied technology and other fields. With over 350 courses to choose from, students are provided with learning that focuses on the work industry and the immediate experience needed for their future work.

Not only from the learning mode alone, students will be ready in the world of work through the vacant part time provided on campus, so they do not need to be afraid if they want to find work experience and additional allowance during college. Students can work with flexible schedules, as well as learn about resources and services at Humber College. Later, students can be channeled to work in existing departments, some of them Athletics, Student Life Program (Orientation, Leadership, Residence, First Year Experience, etc.), Health and Counseling, Library and more. To be eligible for this opportunity, students need a Social Insurance Number (SIN) from Service Canada.

Athletic recreation facility / Source: Humber College

Humber College also supports student life by providing maximum services on campus, such as health services, athletic recreation, counseling services, campus security, and more. In addition, Humber College is very warm in welcoming international students with International Student Services in the form of a series of workshops and events designed to ease students’ adjustments to new life and new countries.

Another advantage of studying at Humber College for international students is the affordable cost of education offered at a price of approximately CA $ 11,476 – CA $ 20,127 per year. Canada itself is known for the cost of education for international students is generally lower than other countries such as the United States and Britain.

If you are interested in studying at this one of Canada’s best campuses, the requirements for Indonesian students depend on the desired program. For undergraduate programs, students must be rated at least 7 in the relevant subjects. The English language proficiency requirement of students must achieve a minimum TOEFL® score of 560 (paper based) or 84 (internet based without a single test score below 21) or IELTS™ with an overall minimum score of 6.5 (without a single test score below 6.0). For secondary requirements, interviews and portfolios are required for certain programs.

Do you want to know further information about Humber College? Please contact our counselor at the nearest SUN Education office or visit the SUN Course Navigation site for information about the university and its programs. (SJV)

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