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Becoming a part of the top 2% of universities

Becoming a part of the top 2% of universities

Becoming a part of the top 2% of universities

Becoming a part of the top 2% of universities. University rankings are a major decision making factor when choosing where to study. Naturally, as we look at all rankings, we perceive that higher ranked means better. This is not exactly the case, as there are many factors in the creation of a university rank. Each ranking board, such as the Times Higher Education and QS World University rankings can provide different ranks as they would have slightly different assessment criteria. Some of the factors that are used for the creation of ranks are research quality, academic quality, academia quality and infrastructure. Some scores are also generalized scores from all study areas, which may not directly relate to your intended course.

For example, a university that is strong in all areas will be ranked higher than a university that is very strong in business but weaker overall. We believe that slight differences in rankings would not significantly change a student’s quality of teaching. However, we prefer to focus more on the overall position in the rankings. While we believe that a ranked 50 university is close to equal against a university ranked 100, the same does not apply to a ranked 50 university against a ranked 500 university. There are reasons why the higher ranked universities obtain that rank above its contemporaries. Also, the prestige obtained from a high ranked university will allow you, the potential degree holder to obtain employment easier. So, SUN Education Group proudly presents: The World Top 250 Prestigious Universities Expo!

The world top 250 prestigious universities expo will invite a large number of universities that are ranked top 250 in the world from a number of different ranking groups. We are inviting institutions from Australia, the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand and more. Out of over 17000 universities globally, we are gathering only the top percentile. Along with representatives of the universities, our counselors will also be on hand to provide you with the needed guidance into your university of choice, down to your choice of majors.

Admission to this expo is free and if you provide your application on the day, you can receive many interesting offers including, but not limited to, application fee waiving so don’t forget to bring your latest academic transcript. We will also be holding a free IELTS try out in the morning for you to have a better idea of IELTS testing. There will also be presentations from Education Centres of Australia, Canada, United Kingdoms and New Zealand. We will also have alumni sharing and success stories.

On top of that, if you apply on this expo, you will obtain a full application fee waiver, free transcript translations, free document sending, administrative fee waivers, a SUN English voucher for IELTS/TOEFL preparation courses, a free photo souvenir and a chance to win a free overseas flight ticket!
SUN Education Group is the largest international education consultant in Indonesia with more than 40 years of combined experience in consultancy and management of overseas studies. As a one-stop service for all your education needs, we provide help; advice, consultancy and our SUN English will guarantee you point score as well as skill improvement in your English. With 8 offices across Jakarta, you would not need to worry about distance when visiting us. We look forward to seeing you at our expo or in one of our offices.

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