Study at AUT through the Auckland Foundation Year
Study at AUT through the Auckland Foundation Year
19 June 2017
Sunway University American Degree Transfer Program
Studying Psychology through “Sunway University American Degree Transfer Program”
19 June 2017

Dive into Aquatic Science Study at UCSI Malaysia

Dive into Aquatic Science Study at UCSI Malaysia

Dive into Aquatic Science Study at UCSI Malaysia

Dive into Aquatic Science Study at UCSI Malaysia. Aquatic Science becomes one of the most useful sciences to keep the earth in terms of maintaining a healthy aquatic environment. UCSI University Malaysia, as one of the world’s top universities for students studying abroad, provides the program for students who want to deepen the scientific understanding of aquatic ecosystems.

UCSI University is a leading higher education institution in several Malaysian cities with more than 10,000 students from 80 different countries. Since its founding in 1986, UCSI has long influenced the national educational landscape higher and continues to do so in various undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The University offers more than 100 industry-recognized programs that address industry-related challenges, as well as for UCSI aquatic sciences programs.

Figure 1: UCSI University Malaysia. Source: UCSI University official website

The field of aquatic sciences is one that enhances the scientific understanding of aquatic ecosystems by using multi-disciplinary studies. UCSI believes that the science plays an important role in nation building, as it aims to support the government in conserving water resources and provide training for industry personnel in research, development, management, production and conservation. The program’s main focus is not only to encourage students to develop solutions for various environmental issues, but also to maintain and manage unlimited valuable resources.

Here, students will be strengthened by a combination of basic mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, and statistics with intensive training in biology, ecology, and organizational evolution. The main research areas will focus on ecosystem-based management, natural resource management, sustainable fisheries and the impact of modern development on natural ecosystems. Certainly, this department is packed in programs that enable students to be ready for the workplace. This is because the learning system is emphasized on laboratory practice, fieldwork, and emphasis on theory with guidance of university academic staff excelling in their disciplines.

The whole learning process is equipped with supporting facilities. UCSI provides complete laboratory facilities for applied sciences programs, such as aquatic lab, food science lab, biotechnology lab. In addition, facilities are also available to optimize the learning process of students, such as library and resource centers, photocopying services, technical processing rooms, discussion rooms, and more.

Figure 2: Aquatic lab in UCSI Malaysia. Source: UCSI University official website

Students will study for three years in aquatic science degree program at UCSI. In year three, students have two specialization options, namely Health and Aquatic Management or Seafood Processing and Safety, which will be used as the focus of student research for their honors project. After graduating from this major, the students will get a wide career opportunity. They can be researchers, biotech experts, environmental planners, aquarists, even seafood scientists.

So, are you interested in studying abroad at the world’s top university? The academic requirements at UCSI for international students depend on the previous student’s education category. As for ‘A’ Levels: minimum 2 Principals (E) in Chemistry and Biology / Mathematics / Physics with minimum GPA 2.0. While for English requirements, a distinction (A +, A or A-) in English at the SPM / UEC level; Or MUET Band 5; or score of 196 (computer based) / 525 (based on writing) / 69 (internet based) in TOEFL®; or Band 5.5 in IELTS™ (for full category requirements please visit UCSI university website).

Do you want to know further information about UCSI Malaysia? Please contact our counselor at the nearest SUN Education office or visit the SUN Course Navigation site for information about the university and its programs. (SJV)

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