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13 April 2018
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Get The Opportunity to Work After Graduation in Ireland

Work After Graduation in Ireland. Not all countries are supportive to grant work permits for international students upon their graduation from university. In fact, this opportunity is usually awaited by graduates to gain work experience abroad as an attraction in their curriculum vitae.

No need to worry! In Ireland, you have the opportunity to get the post-study work visa after graduating from an institution in Ireland. FYI, it’s the only English-speaking country in Europe that does it.

Quoted from the website of the Irish Council for International Students, while looking for a job, you can apply for residence in Ireland for up to 24 months (depending on study level) under the Irish Third Level Graduate Scheme.

For those eligible to stay up to 24 months (graduates of level 9 and level 10 programs) will be granted permission to remain initially for 12 months. Afterward, you need to update your visa for the next 12 months. You can stay as long as you are on the job.


The Reason to Study and Work In Ireland

Building your career in Ireland is the right choice. You can learn business directly in a country ranked 4th in the list of the best countries for business based on Forbes 2017 data. This is seen from the growth category of the market value of all goods and services (Gross Domestic Product – GDP) of a country, GDP per capita, the trade balance, and the population. In addition, Ireland has one of the fastest moving jobs markets in Europe (Robert Walters European Job Index 2015).

Dublin City in Ireland is also known as the base of the world’s leading advanced technology companies, such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, and Twitter. If you want to develop a career in this city, Dublin has excellent career opportunities in IT, Pharma and Finance, and more.


The Right Choice for Study in Ireland

If you are interested in studying in Ireland and want to develop work skills during your studies as well, University College Dublin is the right choice. Many degrees offer internship or job placement opportunities. During your study at UCD, you will also have access to a university-leading Career Development Center of universities around the world including over 1,200 multinationals in the Irish capital.

Work After Graduation in Ireland

UCD campus. Source: UCD

University College Dublin (UCD) is ranked 75th in the world and 1st in Ireland for employability at QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2018. Statistics show 87% of UCD graduates are employed or in further education in nine months.

UCD is no doubt for its quality of education. The 160-year-old university is in the ranks of Top 200 top universities worldwide (QS World University Rankings 2017) with many majors ranked in the Top 100 globally.

UCD is 1st in Ireland for eligibility at QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2018. It’s the right choice to work after graduation in Ireland. Source: UCD

For more information about University College Dublin and the programs offered, contact our counselor at the nearest SUN Education office, call or WhatsApp our Hotline number 082133343536 for fast response or visit SUN Course Navigation. (SJV)


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