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Tips to Get A Scholarship to Study in UK and Europe

Kiat Jitu Meraih Beasiswa Kuliah di UK dan Eropa

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Tips to Get A Scholarship in UK and Europe. The United Kingdom and Europe are known for high education standard and are recognized internationally. Unfortunately, the high cost of tuition there becomes a burden for a number of Indonesian students. But if there’s a proverb “All roads lead to Rome”, as well as the way to get a scholarship.

Rizki Putri Hassan, a scholarship grantee of LPDP Batch 26 who has finished the Archeology postgraduate program at Durham University, UK, last year, explained that there are three tips to get a scholarship to study in the UK and Europe, i.e research, maximize your self-competence and pray.


Rizki who currently works as Research Assistant at UNPAD and active in Association of Indonesian Archaeologists asserted the scholarship hunters to find out specific information about the country, campus, course, to the requirements.  “Don’t seek a mainstream scholarship, but find a scholarship that fits your needs,” she said in a seminar titled Tips to Get A Scholarship to Study in UK and Europe held by SUN Education Group in the International Education Expo 2017 event on Saturday (13/8/17) in Tangerang.

Tips to get a scholarship

Rizki Putri Hassan explained tips to get a scholarship to study in the UK and Europe. Photo/Doc. SUN


Maximize Your Self-Competence

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In addition to research, Rizki emphasized the importance of improving your self-competence. These include English preparation, scientific work writing skill, and mental preparation. The preparation is certainly needed a lot of time for getting a maximum result and students can be declared qualified to get a scholarship.

Organization experience is also a proof of competency that’s useful in applying for a scholarship, especially for fresh graduates. The campus and scholarship giver assess positively student socialization skill because they have organizational experience.



“The third, which we shouldn’t forget is to pray. There’s a quality that may not everyone has, that is luck factor,” said this 26-year-old lady.

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She said that not everyone has that factor. It can be someone who’s smart, but he can’t get a scholarship because the visa application is rejected. Well, the luck factor can be avoided through praying and relying on God. The more we pray, the more positive energy we receive.

From the three tips to get a scholarship to study in the UK and Europe that already described, Rizki pointed that all the steps can be done if we have an intention.

“This may sound cliche. But, why the intention is important? Because not everyone who goes to study abroad is rich. And not everyone who goes to study abroad is a genius. But there’s a quality, that everyone who goes to study abroad has, that is they’re certainly not lazy.”

Rizki closed the seminar with an important motivation for students who dream to get a scholarship.

“There are two types of dreamers. The first, he has a dream, but he can only dream. The second one, he has a dream, but he wants to realize his dream and take an action. You guys ask yourself, which type are you?”  (SJV)

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