9 Techniques To Score a Scholarship (Part. 1)
9 Techniques To Score a Scholarship Part. 1
8 August 2014
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11 September 2014

9 Techniques To Score A Scholarship

9 Techniques To Score A Scholarship


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9 Techniques To Score A Scholarship

It is almost certain that every student’s dream is to study overseas in a more modern country. Moreover, to be able to attain a scholarship from the university; besides prestigious, the amount of money from the scholarship will ease your overall cost. If you are a senior high school student (SMA), and currently aiming to score a scholarship, the things you can start preparing from now. Here are 9 techniques to score a scholarship


5. Preparing a good CV

Another important thing is preparing an interesting CV-both the look as well as the content. Universities will surely be interested in students who have many awards and experiences written in the CV rather than students with no achievements.

6. Writing personal statement

Personal statement is the written information about why you deserve to be granted a scholarship. In the personal statement in form of 1,000 words of essay, you need to provide information on how you will contribute to the institution that provides you with the scholarship as well as the positive impact you will give to your country. For this, you need to know your potentials and have a broad knowledge.

7. Ready for the interview

The next crucial step in gaining a scholarship is the interview with the university. In this session, you need to stay relaxed, convincing, and show your best without looking arrogant. Acknowledge yourself with the information on the study program you are taking. Prepare at least 2 (two) days prior to the interview, by practicing in front of a mirror and use English (or other required language). Therefore, your fluency will improve and you will be ready with the effective vocabularies.

8.     Perfect health

Health is another important factor for universities to consider granting a scholarship award to students. This way, the university will not make mistakes in supporting their students. To keep healthy, you need to do regular physical exercises, avoid smoking and alcoholic drink, and not consume any illegal drugs.

9. Keep trying

Lastly, if your scholarship application fails, don’t give up. You can retry applying in different institution and you have to keep on trying until you get one. Sometimes, we need to fail before we reach our dream.

Contributor: Nunik Eka Sari (SUN English Teacher)

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