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Hospitality Industry and The Promising Future Career

Hospitality Industry

Business Development Officer Le Corden Bleu  Haris Gunawan. Photo/Doc. SUN

Hospitality Industry and The Promising Future Career. The hospitality industry is now gaining in popularity. In addition to rapidly growing business, the trend of the business itself becomes part of many people’s lifestyle. So, what’s the essence of hospitality?

Business Development Officer Le Corden Bleu (LCB) Haris Gunawan explained that hospitality is basically the relationship between the guest and the host, or the act of being friendly. This includes the reception and entertainment of guest, visitor, and foreigner. So, no wonder if hospitality industry itself is the industry associated with hospitality activities in serving guests.

The hospitality industry has a huge area. It’s not just for the hotelier, but also widening in many relevant and specific concentrations, such as event, travel & tourism, culinary, dan hospitality management, where each area also consists of various professions.  Starting from Wedding Planner, Chef, Food and Beverage Business Consultant, and many others.

With such a diverse of concentration and prospect career in the hospitality industry, it means that someone who has a desire to work in this industry must also know where his interest is.

When you talk about hospitality, please describe, where do you focus?” said Haris in a seminar titled The Future of hospitality: “Stepping on The Right Career in Hospitality Industry”, held by SUN Education Group in SUN International Expo 2017 event in Tangerang (Saturday, 12/8/17).

Business Development Officer Le Corden Bleu  Haris Gunawan. Photo/Doc. SUN

Haris said that the career prospect in the hospitality industry is very promising because the business in this industry is also sustainable. In fact, In Indonesia, the number of foreign tourists increases 5-10% per year. According to the data from Indonesia Brenchmarking Report, in 2015, the industry of tourism and travel was ranked third as the largest income and 9,3% greater than education, automotive, and financial service.

While globally, based on the data of Australia’s LCB institution website, travel and tourism, including hotel and restaurant, continues to be one of the largest industries in the world and a key driver of global economic growth that includes 266 millions jobs and contributes around 10% of gross domestic product (PDB) in the world.

Therefore, to get the qualified skill to work in the hospitality industry, Haris asserted students to find the right school to study in that field.

Students must be selective in choosing a school that fits their needs and interests. When looking for a school, it’s important to prioritize school with an innovative curriculum, as the skills required l in the hospitality industry also adapt to the trend.

All theories and practices, he continued, should also be integrated. Just as the school curriculum that provides internship,  it’s very important for students to gain work experiences before facing the real world of work.

“Morover, if you also get work experience abroad, it would be very beneficial in your CV (Curriculum Vitae),” he said.

Work in this industry requires everyone to work hard in their career. However, Haris revealed there is also a distinct pleasure obtained from this industry.

They can be creative people while on the job. For example, when working as a chef, they can be free to create their own menu and trends.

Then, those who work in the hospitality industry can feel a pleasant atmosphere. How they’re not? For example, those working at the hotel can feel the atmosphere of a comfortable and nice hotel. Those who work in the field of travel can travel around the tour. Those who work in culinary get a chance to eat good food. It’s fun, isn’t it?

Working in the hospitality industry brings many pleasures. Photo/Doc. Linkedin

Another happiness that can be obtained is the hospitality industry is a door to explore the world or go-international. Basically, work in the industry requires workers to be flexible in many places.

The other most important pleasure is the fact that those who work in the hospitality industry are able to make other people’s days mean and fun with their services. (SJV)

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