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This is How Indonesian Young Billionaire Become “Creativepreneur”

Yasa Singgih shared his lifes story to be a creativepreneur. Photo/Doc. SUN

Welcoming demographic bonus phenomena in 2020-2030, Indonesia will experience up to 70% increase in number of the productive population of age range between 15-64 years (Source: Central Bureau of Statistics). In this growing digital era, there is an increase needs of creative entrepreneur (creativepreneur) to open greater economic opportunities.

However, the road to becoming an entrepreneur is not always smooth. Thus, the founder of Men’s Republic online business, Yasa Singgih, shared his entrepreneurial life story to young people and parents who attended the seminar entitled “Inspire You to be the Next Young Creativepreneur in Digital Era” at the Australia New Zealand Expo on Sunday, January 14, 2018 in Jakarta.

Yasa Singgih shared his lifes story to be a creativepreneur.
Photo/Doc. SUN

Ups and Downs of Running a Business

At the event that held by SUN Education, the man who was born on April 23, 1995, said that his desire to earn his own income arose when he was in junior high school, when he knew his ill father needed surgery costs. From there, he started looking for work. Then, he tried earning money as a Master of Ceremony (MC) in various events and raised money to be able to open his own business.

While opening a business is not hard, but maintaining it is not easy, especially if one has to face failures in business. Yasa himself even tried running various businesses. Starting from selling decorative lights, t-shirts, Yasa also swerved into the culinary business that unfortunately made him suffered losses of Rp. 100 million.

But, experiencing turmoil and failure in managing businesses actually teaches him to be able to focus. In the end, Yasa went back into Men’s Republic’s fashion business even though he had to start this business with all the limitations. Started only selling t-shirts, Men’s Republic now have shoe products that have been sold throughout Indonesia, even up to 12 other countries. Not only that, through his work in Men’s Republic, he successfully entered the ranks of Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia “The Most Promising, Daring Entrepreneurs & Game Changers” 2016.


Learn to Focus

From his experience in business, he learned one thing, that is, to be able to focus. For Yasa, the focus is when we dare to say no to the real profitable opportunities.

“Maybe if I never faced that big loss, I would not understand what focus is like. The important thing is who is living it. So that’s what keeps me focused.”

Failure in business is something normal and even the world’s billionaire figures have experienced it. To be able to succeed, we need to know how to respond to failures.

“I responded to a failure by learning. The important thing is not to repeat the same mistake again,” said Yasa.


Steps to Becoming A Creativepreneur


Source: career adict

  1. How to Find a Business Idea

Yasa shared the four principles of opening a business. The first is to make sure we enjoy running the business. Secondly, we need to have expertise in the business we want to run. Third, the business must be relevant to the needs of the community. Finally, the business must be able to make money for yourself.

  1. Expand Your Network and Be Consistent

After finding the business idea, the key to becoming creativepreneur is to expand our network. Yasa’s way to expand relationships is by following exhibitions related to business and entrepreneur.

“We will gain lots of knowledge and experience from others. By networking, we can mirror at how others also face problems, so we can also evaluate our own problems and how we can solve them.

Not being consistent can also become a hindrance in doing business. Thus, Yasa reminded us to set goals in business.

“My advice on being consistent is that we must set ending (business) or a picture our success. With that, we can be reminded ‘Well if I give up today, I will not get to this goal’, “explained Yasa.

  1. Maximize Social Media

In this digital age, social media is becoming a very important and flexible platform to promote our business. Yasa’s strategy is to showcase something unique and interesting to introduce business to a wide audience.

“Sometimes we don’t have to show something so perfect or beautiful or handsome. But we need to show something different.”

  1. Dare to Take the Role

Do you already have an idea and understand about the strategy to be creativepreneur? The last step is to take action.

“It comes back to us, do we want to have our role in this or not? Because Indonesia will experience a glorious future. Well, if we want to be part of it, we must start to build the work from as young as possible,” he concluded. (SJV)


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