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5 Advantages of Studying at the University of Sydney

Microsoft is one of Usyd's industry partners. Source: Youth Hub Africa

5 Advantages of Studying at the University of Sydney. Speaking of research and education, the University of Sydney (Usyd) is undoubted of its quality. The University of the Group of Eight in Australia is ranked the world’s top 100 and the 3rd in Australia by Times Higher Education 2017.

5 Advantages of Studying at the University of Sydney

University of Sydney campus. Source:

In addition to its world-recognized reputation, there are 5 Advantages of Studying at the University of Sydney  that you should consider:

  1. Has Strong History Values

Edmund Barton, the first Prime Minister of Australia (1901-1903) who has played an important role in creating the original draft constitution of Australia. Source: Wikipedia

Found in 1850, Australia’s first university was built by pioneers and free-thinkers who have made many great changes to the global community by upholding the value of leadership and diversity. History also recorded Usyd as one of the first universities to voice the equality of women’s rights by admitting female students in 1881.


  1. Producing The Famous and Achievers Alumni

The Prime Minister of Australia and the 29th Liberal Party Leader. Source: The Conservation

For over 160 years, Usyd has created renowned alumni who also contribute to lead the innovation in diverse areas. Some of them are six prime ministers, two Nobel Prize winners, three astronauts, 110 Rhodes Scholars, one Pulitzer Prize winner,  and 145 Olympians.

Some of them are six Prime Ministers (PM), two Nobel Prize winners, three astronauts, 110 Rhodes Scholars, one Pulitzer Prize winner and 145 Olympians. The current Australian PM, Malcolm Turnbull, is also Usyd’s alumni. Well, by studying at one of Australia’s best universities, it’s possible that you can be one of them.


  1. Home for Indonesian Students

Indonesian students who joined PPIA USYD. Source:]

Students on Usyd’s campus are very multicultural. Interestingly, Usyd is dominated by Indonesian students. Reported by, the number of Indonesian graduates from USYD in 2014 reached a dozen. This is the highest number since June 2014 among other countries. At that time, the graduates of Indonesia amounted to 12 people. While the graduates of the Philippines amounted to 6 people and Nigerian students amounted to 5 people.


  1. Reaching Students Regardless of Their Background

WPO program reaches students from various backgrounds. This is one of the advantages of Studies at the University of Sydney. Source:

USYD provides a Widening Participation and Outreach (WPO) program that improves self-confidence and motivates students to successfully complete higher education. The program aims for students with Low Social Economy, Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, as well as students from remote areas. Under this program, USYD works closely with professional staff on campus to share resources and professional learning opportunities.


  1. Giving Students Opportunity Internship
Advantages of Studying at the University of Sydney

Microsoft is one of Usyd’s industry partners. Source: Youth Hub Africa

One of the Advantages of Studying at USYD is students have the opportunity to take part in a work placement program to enhance their work experience by engaging in major projects. USYD works with the world’s leading companies such as Microsoft, Rio Tinto, GE Healthcare, Defense Science and Technology Organization, and Elastagen.

There are also paid internships, one of them: a summer research program. This program provides students the opportunity to work with leading researchers. By providing support for a practical research program, it is not mistaken for Top Universities 2017 to place Usyd alumni in rank 4 as the easiest graduates to employ.

That’s all about 5 advantages of studying at University of Sydney. Well, are you interested to study at Usyd? For more information, contact our counselor at the nearest SUN Education office or visit SUN Course Navigation for information on USYD and the programs offered.

Text: Syeba Jubilee Victoria

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