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Julian Prassumiwi Heriana: Persistence in Reaching Dreams

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It’s easy to dream, but it also takes a struggle to make it happen. The phrase is appropriate given to Julian Prassumiwi Heriana (20) who has to take a long and winding journey to pursue his dream in a film industry. Because of his love for the field, Julian had to be willing to leave his studies at the Faculty of Medicine at a private university to change the direction to film studies at the School of Audio and Engineering (SAE) Jakarta, Indonesia.

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Julian never gives up achieving dreams of working in the film industry. Photo: SUN

Julian said, after graduating from high school in 2016, his parents forced him to study a medical major. Half-heartedly obeyed the wishes of his father and mother, Julian could not optimally undergo his studies. “Over time, I realized that medicine was not my world. I went to college in that major for only two semesters and decided to leave,” said the lover of Milli & Nathan film.

The decision was clearly opposed by his parents. Even so, Julian remained persistent to stop studying medicine for the sake of pursuing film studies. “I tried to convince them that I seriously wanted to study the film studies. Thank God, in the end, they understood and supported my decision,” explained the student born in Jakarta, July 16, 1998.

Studying at SAE Indonesia was also the first step for Julian to realize his dream before earning a bachelor’s degree at SAE Australia. In 2017, he began his studies at the Australia Film Bachelor (Pathway Program) with 12 months of study duration in Indonesia and 16-20 months in Australia. SAE’s campus for Julian is like ‘home’ to explore ideas. SAE is also the right place for him to deepen his ability to produce various types of films, such as documentaries, short films, and music videos.

The study period on the pathway program ended in August 2018. After that, Julian still has to continue his studies at SAE Sydney to get a Bachelor of Film degree. With a short departure time, he entrusted the arrangement of study abroad to SUN Education. “With the help of SUN Education, the management of study abroad has become smooth and easy, even though the time was quite short. The staff is friendly, informative, and able to handle problems quickly. ”

After graduating and earning a Bachelor of Film degree, Julian will be determined to make his dream of making quality films and establishing a post-production house. “I want a post-production house to be better than a production house abroad. I also want to make a film that can elevate Indonesian culture and issues that can make people more open-minded,” he hoped.


Text by: Syeba Jubilee Victoria

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