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Bellerbys College UK: Delivering Students to the Best University


Bellerbys College UK: Delivering Students to the Best University – “Which one do you prefer after high school? University or college”? The question seems to be a ‘scourge’ for students of grade 11 and 12. It is certainly not easy to choose the best campus that fix personal interest and passion . Likewise, there are various choices of college and university with great quality. So, what’s the difference?

College vs. University
Basically, college and universities have significant differences. University commonly offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, with duration of the study minimum for 4 years (Bachelor’s Degree) and 2 years for Master Degree. Meanwhile, college generally offers a two-years course with diploma or associate degree. After graduate from college, you can transfer to the preference university or can even enter the professional world.

Bellerbys College UK

College & University: Similar but not the same. Photo: bellerbys.com

Studying at college, you will get several advantages: friendly tuition fee, faster duration of study, and more hands-on materials. So, if you choose to study at the College, Bellerbys College UK is such a good choice.

Why Bellerbys College UK?
Bellerbys offers a high quality UK education program supported by top universities in the UK such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Russell Group. From 2013 to 2017, around 700 Bellerbys students got accepted at the top 10 universities in the UK.

Bellerbys College UK

Teachers at Bellerbys College help students optimize their potential. Photo: bellerbys.com

This school will help you to choose right university according to your preference. You have chance to improve the academic skills, preparation of English, and self-confidence in order to conquer the university you prefer. Even for  14 years-old-students, you can enrol at this college.

What’s the benefit of studying at Bellerbys College UK?
The lecturers at Bellerbys Colleges are well-experienced in handling international students. They have close tie with some of the top universities in the UK. By studying here, you would get comfortable and high-tech classroom atmosphere and a fun learning experience. The tutors will ensure you completely understand the subjects, as it becomes the main focus of Bellerbys College to maximise student’s potentials.

Bellerbys College UK

Bellerbys Campus at Cambridge. Comfortable, beautiful, and classic. Photo: risemart

Bellerbys has 3 campus branches located in London, Cambridge and Brighton. If you’re interested in business, media, and creative industries, choose London. If you want to pursue a degree in science, technology, engineering, and math, choose Cambridge. Whereas, if you want to learn a more varied science, the Brighton campus is the right place.

What are the courses at Bellerbys College UK?
Over 40 majors you can choose here through 4 course program options: A Level, Foundation, GCSE, and First Year Degree.

Bellerbys College UK

A Level program that offers world-class options. Photo: bellerbys.com

A Levels -> An educational qualification program that’s not only accepted at UK universities, but also in the US and Australia. In this program, you can take 3 to 4 courses with exams held in the second year of study.

Bellerbys College UK

A recognized foundation program at 70 UK universities. Photo: bellerbys.com

Foundation -> This program is more focused on A Level. You have opportunity to improve your special skills and English, thus, you will be ready to enter university-life. More than that, the programs are recognised in over 70 universities in UK.

Bellerbys College UK

GCSE, a special program for you aged 14 and over. Photo: bellerbys.com

GCSE -> The 14 years-old-students and above, can take this program. Focusing on improving English and international proficiency, this program will make you more prepared in facing the competitive life of higher education.

Bellerbys College UK

Undergraduate Program Year 1, equivalent to undergraduate lecture in the first year. Photo: bellerbys.com

Bachelor Year 1 -> This is a similar program to the first year of bachelor’s degree. Available in London campus, this course prepares you for a second year of study specifically for business-related majors.

So Sunners, have an interest to study at Bellerbys College? For more information, do not hesitate contact our counsellor at the nearest SUN Education office or through SUN Course Navigation for information on Bellerbys College and the programs offered.

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