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Les Roches Jin Jiang, Door to A Career in Hospitality

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Are you interested in hospitality studies and want to gain hands-on experience in leading countries in the field? You should consider studying abroad, precisely in Shanghai, China.

In addition to a learning experience in one of the world’s largest economies, you will also learn firsthand about hotel management in China which is a “booming market” in the hospitality business. Quoted from, China’s tourism has become a pillar of the country’s national economy, accounting for 10.8% of the national economy. China attracted 134 million incoming travelers, and foreign exchange earnings reached about USD 113.65 billion.

In addition, you will feel the experience of exploring China and see the diversity of culture, as well as get friends from various parts of the world. You can get this opportunity at one of the best institutions in China to start your career in the field of hospitality, namely Les Roches Jin Jiang in Shanghai.

Les Roches Jin Jiang. Source: Les Roches

Shanghai itself is one of the international financial and cultural centers. In Shanghai, you can explore five-star hotels and restaurants, traditional and modern architecture, world-famous shopping and cultural landmarks. By studying at Les Roches Jin Jiang, your experience in Shanghai will surely be supported by quality learning taught by experts in the field.

During your studies at Les Roches Jin Jiang, you will have the opportunity to join in cultural soaking and visit tourism venues and leading business including the field of hospitality in Shanghai. This activity is aimed at getting students a deeper insight into local culture and learning about innovative business practices through personal interaction with companies and leaders.

“You will have hands-on experience. You will know how to handle, how to know your customers, “said Jane Lam, Marketing & Business Development Manager of Les Roches Jin Jiang at the Asia Education Expo 2018 organized by SUN Education Expo on Sunday 28 January 2018.


Jane Lam, Marketing & Business Development Manager of Les Roches Jin Jiang at the Asia Education Expo 2018. Photo/Doc. SUN

Are you still hesitant about a career in hospitality? According to The Global Hotel Industry and Trends in 2016 (Infographic), the hospitality industry has 550 billion projected global hospitality industry revenues in 2016 from tourism. This indicates the hospitality industry continues to grow.

Jane also revealed that a career in the field of hospitality is not just dwelling in the hotel only. There are so many opportunities you can get to expand your career in various fields, such as food services, events, travel & tourism, luxury services, and more.

Interested in studying abroad? Les Roches Jin Jiang has Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma in International Hotel Management programs. Both offer an internship program to equip students’ skills in the workforce.

Well, for more information, contact our counselor at the nearest SUN Education office or visit SUN Course Navigation for information about studying in China and the programs offered by Les Roches. (SJV)

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