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8 May 2017
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Excellent Architecture Programs by University of Illinois Chicago

Excellent Architecture Programs by University of Illinois Chicago

Excellent Architecture Programs by University of Illinois Chicago

Excellent Architecture Programs by University of Illinois Chicago. The University of Illinois at Chicago is a public research-intensive university located in Chicago, Illinois, United States. With 29,000 students and 15 colleges, UIC is Chicago’s largest university and one of the nation’s most diverse. As the world top university, UIC has the best School of Architecture as its students has received many recognition and awards from many parties.

The School of Architecture at UIC promotes architecture as a cultural practice of organizing information, of intelligently identifying and deploying patterns—conceptual, visual, structural, behavioral, and material—in the world. The program prepares its graduates to project all scales of these spatial and organizational patterns through the systematic development of an aesthetic attitude, a technical confidence, and a theoretical opportunism.

James S. Stukel Tower that houses the School of Architecture. Source: hok.com

UIC’s School of Architecture offers interesting programs, namely:

  • The four-year Bachelor of Science in Architecture program is a comprehensive pre-professional education in architecture within the broader context of liberal arts study provided by the University. Consisting of an eight-semester studio sequence in architecture and urbanism supported by coursework in technology and theory, the program provides an intensive introduction to the discipline of architecture.
  • The Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies is an upper-level undergraduate major that uses architecture and related design practices as a lens through which to understand the history of ideas and cultural invention. The program operates as a two-year junior and senior program. It will admit undergraduate students having completed two years of college, either at UIC or at other institutions.
  • The School of Architecture offers a three-year, first professional Master of Architecture (MArch) degree to students with either an undergraduate degree in architectural studies, or an undergraduate degree in any other field of study.
  • The Master of Arts in Design Criticism (MAD-Crit) is a two-year program that develops textual and visual argumentation in the areas of architecture, urbanism, landscape, and allied design practices.
  • The Master of Science in Architecture (MSArch) degree is a one-year, two-semester program, which is designed for holders of a professional degree in architecture (Bachelor of Architecture or Master of Architecture), or its international equivalent.
  • YArch is an intensive, non-credit summer program that is held once a year during the month of July, and is for current undergraduate students, recent graduates, and working professionals with an interest in architecture and design.
  • HiArchis UIC’s introductory summer architecture program for current high school students. New in 2017, UIC is also offering HiArch: Model Workshop, an additional summer workshop for students looking to spend an extra week expanding their knowledge of digital and analog fabrication techniques.
  • TryArch workshop is held once a year in the fall; just in time for those preparing their application to graduate schools.

TryArch is an intensive one-day workshop where you can experience an architecture studio, learn about drawing and fabrication, and build content for your portfolio. No experience is required. Participants will work through a series of drawing and composition exercises that will be physically tested as an inflatable object.

YArch program in UIC. Source: cada

In addition, UIC has cooperation with Shorelight Education to create UIC International, an innovative partnership platform that supports the recruitment, preparation, and success of international students. UIC International will launch the International Accelerator Program (IAP), which will operate at both the undergraduate and post-graduate levels.

As one of the world top university, UIC broaden educational opportunities for students from across the globe and help the university become a model for international student success and opportunity.

Students in the architecture workshop. Source: Mascontext

The development and implementation of UIC International aligns with the university’s emphasis on diversity and providing students with ethnically and culturally rich learning environment. The IAP will provide students with academic, language, social, and professional development opportunities that together dramatically increase student retention and integrate international students into campus life.

To get the latest information about UIC School of Architect and its International Accelerator Program (IAP) visit the UIC website. For assistance in study overseas registration and administration, please contact SUN Education office. (RRS)


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