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Bright Prospects for Creative Industry

Yudha presented a brief presentation on the prospects of the creative industry which is increasingly supported by the Indonesian government. Photo: SUN

Bright Prospects for Creative Industry. Collaborating with SUN Education, the School of Audio and Engineering (SAE) Indonesia held the SAE Creative Media Campus Tour event on Thursday (30/8) at Jalan Raya Pejaten, South Jakarta. The event was attended by around 50 students, 12th grade from Ketapang 1 Christian High School, Jakarta. This campus tour is accommodated by Yudha Diputra, Marketing of SAE Indonesia, who serves as ‘leader tour’ to accompany students exploring some classes at SAE.

Bright Prospects for Creative Industry

Yudha presented a brief presentation on the prospects of the creative industry which is increasingly supported by the Indonesian government. Photo: SUN

SAE Indonesia itself is a campus that focuses on the education of the creative media industry with various levels of programs in the disciplines of Animation, Audio, Film and Music. The campus is a collaboration of SAE Australia which was founded in 1976 and has become a global leader in creative media education.

Through this campus tour event participants also had the opportunity to get to know more about the creative media industry. They not only looked around SAE campus rooms, but also tried various campus facilities through various demonstrations, such as movie demo, surround sound demo, and music demo, with the guidance of the instructors at SAE.

In the film demo, for example, Yudha invited the participants to the campus studio which had sound stage and green screen facilities. Initially, participants were invited to watch silent short film footage and song soundtracks. After that, participants have the opportunity to find out about the sound management process in the film.

After that, the participants were invited to the surround mixing studio for surround sound demonstration to find out the process of making sound effects which turned out to be done separately from film shooting activities. Such as the sound of footsteps, shots, and gurgling of water. This demo opened up new insights for participants that the sound that was mixed well, was effective in creating the ‘stage’ itself for the audience. The maximum sound film produced is also able to stir the emotions of the audience.

In addition to the film, participants also had the opportunity to explore knowledge about music production. For that, Yudha also led them into studio 1 to watch the audio music demo. The enthusiasm of the participants who wanted to know how to produce songs, starting from the introduction of recording tools to recording and editing using the software.

The atmosphere of the music production demo was very exciting. Photo: SUN

One participant, Jerikha, volunteered to sing. The melodious voice was recorded by SAE tutors. With the opportunity to show off singing skills, Jerikha could not hide her interest in the creative industry.

“Through this event, I got to know more about the world of cinema and music. I became interested in continuing to study in creative media. “I want to consider the intention to study in architecture,” she said, excited.

SAE Campus Tour participants, SUN Education Representatives, and SAE Staff gathered together after the event finished. Photo: SUN

For Ningsih Soedarmadji, SAE Indonesia’s Founder and Representative, this campus tour aims to open up the young generation’s insight into the creative media industry. With the target of high school student participants, Ningsih wants this event can provide an illustration for those who are still hesitant in choosing a major. “The career prospects in the creative media industry in Indonesia are very large, considering that the world has changed to digital. In the future, expectations of quality artwork are getting higher. Therefore, more and more human resources are needed that have high skills in creating creative works,” explained Ningsih.

Ningsih Soedarmadji. Photo: SUN

Ningsih also hopes, SAE Indonesia can be a place for generations of people who are interested in pursuing the creative industry. “It is a commitment for SAE to equip students with creativity in thinking and innovating. This is certainly to support the development of the creative economy sector in Indonesia,” concluded Ningsih.

Well, for those of you who are interested in taking a career in the creative media industry, you can consider studying at SAE Indonesia and also SAE Australia through its program pathway. There are three pathway programs offered, namely Audio Bachelor, Film Bachelor, and Animation Bachelor. Later, you can complete SAE Diploma in Jakarta for 12 months, and continue to SAE Australia for 16-20 months to take a bachelor’s degree.

You can see more about the programs offered at SAE Indonesia and SAE Australia on SUN Course Navigation. For direct consultation regarding study abroad, visit the nearest SUN Education office.


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