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Kendall College, The Best Culinary School in the U.S.

Kendall College, The Best Culinary School in the U.S

Kendall College, The Best Culinary School in the U.S.

Kendall College, The Best Culinary School in the U.S.Chicago Michelin Guide ranks Kendall College – School of Culinary Arts as the No.1 college in the U.S. for preparing students for culinary career. This award was given in 2013 based on a survey on some of the best restaurants in Chicago. In 2014, Kendall College also received an award from the FSR Magazine as one of the 20 best culinary schools in America. Culinary Arts Department itself is accredited by the American Culinary Foundation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission.

Kendall College, The Best Culinary School in the U.S

Figure 1. Kendall College prepares world class chef. Source: Kendall

Kendall College offers four (4)-year bachelor’s degree program and two (2)-year associate’s degree in Culinary Arts or Baking and Pastry to prepare the students for a successful career and eventual leadership role in the food service industry. The innovative curriculum aims to enable the students to have strong professional skill development, as well as having comprehensive and current understanding of the food service industry, environmental awareness, and exemplary professional attitude. Classes are taught by award-winning chefs who will both challenge and support students. Students will be trained to cook creatively, be team-leader in the kitchen and be able to meet the high-standard quality of food preparation.

For 80 years, Kendall College has been offering engaging, specialized fields of study with a strong emphasis on immersive learning to assist students achieve their academic, personal and professional success. Career Services team is ready to assist students to get the best in-depth internship experience and also to build a professional network. 96 percent of Kendall College graduates in 2014 report finding employment within six (6) months of graduation. In 2008, Kendall College became a member of Laureate International Universities, a global network of 80 institutions in 29 countries that currently offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs for over 950,000 students worldwide. Through this partnership, Kendall College students have access to join international class program abroad, internships, and also the opportunity to have professional career in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Australia.

Institusi-Kendall Terbaik di Amerika Siswa jurusan Baking & Pastry 2

Figure 2. Siswa from faculty of Baking & Pastry. Source: Kendallfoundation

Kendall College will be the best choice for students who want to start a career in the culinary world after graduating from college. The school is ideally situated in downtown Chicago, one of the best culinary centers in the world that provides a lot of opportunities for students to continue exploring their interests and passion. Chicago is home to more than 4,700 restaurants, including 25 restaurants that earned Michelin Star, which can provide the best internship experience for students.

If you are interested in the program, visit the Kendall College website for more information. For assistance in registering and arranging your plan to study abroad, please contact the nearest SUN Education Offices.


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