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Let’s Study Political Science!


Let’s Study Political Science! – If you’ve just graduated but still feel clueless on choosing a subject, think about political science! Some people may consider that politics is ‘cruel’. However,  if you look further in it, studying political science will give you more benefits.

Study Political Science

Studying Political Science nourishing your critical-thinking. Photo courtesy of

Here are the benefits:

  1. One of the Classical Sciences
    Started in 450 BC, political science continues to grow along with the birth of a country. Classical pholosophers such as Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle were the people who influenced the growth of political science as creatures of the state.
  2. Learning Various Topics
    By studying political studies, you also learn about society and interests of a country. It’s included social problems, law, gender inequality, cultural diversity, and relations between countries. Obviously, this will enrich your mind and understanding as a human being.
  3. Become an Open-Minded Person
    When it comes to studying, political science provides flexibility space of learning. Outside of class, lecturers of political science usually will invite the students to go to the outside world to find out the reality. Here you can practice the theory you’ve learnt inside the class. Additionally, you can also meet officials of political parties, leaders of the parliament, and having dialogue with political activists. Interesting!

    Study Political Science

    Studying political science make you become more open minded. Photo courtesy of


  4. Nourishing Your Critical Thinking
    Political science doesn’t only enrich your insight about a country, but also the condition of the nation. Through various study-case, you will get used to be critical and analytical in delivering viewpoints for any cases such as corruption, local elections, violence, to cultural diversity.
  5. Prospective Career
    Graduated from political science, no need to worry about jobs availability, as there are various career choices in the political fields. You can be a civil apparatus, staff of research institutions, spokespersons of state officials, lecturers, or journalists. It is also possible for political science-graduates to become a president!

According to Duncan McCargo, Professor of Southeast Asian Politics  from University of Leeds UK, now is the right moment to study political science. “Nowadays, big changes happen in the world. Brexit in Britain, new phase of government in the United States, election in some countries, and political transformation in Southeast Asia. They are very interesting to be learnt, “explained Professor Duncan.

study political science

“It’s now the right time to study political science,” says Professor Duncan.

Political changes happen in the world also influence international relations between countries, including Indonesia and other countries. And for that reason, Professor Duncan admits that it’s time for young generation to get involved in order to understand political message spread in the world. “By studying political science, we will understand more about  the real world problem. In addition, it’s also a good way to advocate  the development of the country,” says Professor Duncan.

Thereby, if you’re interested in learning politics, do not hesitate to visit to find out more about the political science department at the University of Leeds. Furthermore, you can also contact SUN Education counsellor at the SUN’s nearest branch and visit SUN Course Navigation to get complete information from the University of Leeds.

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