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Tasting the Cooking Experience at Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia

memasak di Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia

Tasting the Cooking Experience at Le Cordon Bleu MalaysiaSUN Education re-organized the Study Tour, which this time cooperated with Le Cordon Bleu (LCB) Malaysia. The event which was held on 22-24 June 2018 was attended by 11 participants aged 15-23 years. They come from a variety of educational backgrounds, ranging from vocational school students, universities, to private workers.

With a special theme of culinary, this program successfully makes cooking activities fun and challenging to learn. Here’s the excitement of the event!


Day One: Explore Kuala Lumpur

The sun was shining very hot when the tour participants set foot in the city center of Kuala Lumpur (KL) that is very crowded and busy, as in Jakarta. However, the hot weather that afternoon did not make the participants’ enthusiasts decrease to join a series of tour study event that day. They enthusiastically explore various famous tourist destinations in Malaysia, such as Kuala Lumpur Tower and Suria KLCC mall located under Petronas Twin Towers, so the participants had the opportunity to see one of the world’s tallest towers.

All the participants along with the representatives of SUN Education and LCB Malaysia at KL Tower. Photo: SUN

“This is my first time to Malaysia. The journey was exciting because I had the opportunity to see the Petronas Twin Towers. Around here, I also got a chance to see many skyscraper buildings, as well as shopping at KLCC Mall, “said Rizki Hassan, one of the participants of Malaysia’s LCB Study Tour from SMKN 3 Bogor.

Late in the afternoon, the participants walked to Kuala Lumpur’s Central Market for dinner. They had the opportunity to taste the unique dishes of Malaysia, one of Nasi Kerabu made from Butterfly Pea flower. Blue rice is made from flower petals that are used to reduce stress, depression, and as an anti-cancer.

After enjoying dinner, the participants headed to Sunway Residence to rest and gather energy to undergo a core event in the next day.


Day Two – Learning and Performing Cooking Talent

Arrived on the second day which is the main event of this Study Tour. Around 9 am, the participants gathered at the Malaysia LCB campus for breakfast and attended campus introduction sessions. After breakfast, Chef David Morris, one of the lecturers at LCB Malaysia led the event with a cooking demonstration of Beef Stroganoff and Rice with Vegetable Brunoise menu. This menu is chosen because although it has a very very simple look, the process of making it involves a detailed cooking technique and a focus that is not kidding.


Beef Stroganoff and Rice with Vegetable Brunoise menu. Photo; SUN


In the demo, Chef David taught the cooking techniques, plating, food science, to a good attitude in cooking. The participants also seemed to be seriously listening to every explanation of the Chef and ready to record things that are considered important. It seemed that they can’t wait to feel the cooking experience at Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia


Cooking demonstration by Chef David before the participants taste the cooking Experience at Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia. Photo: SUN


The cooking demo was over, it was time for the participants to taste the cooking experience at Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia and show their cooking talents in ‘Cooking Competition’. They were asked to make a menu that has been demonstrated by Chef David. Like a professional chef, the participants act deftly in the campus kitchen. It appears that they are used to cooking. Their hands are so skilled at processing various herbs and groceries, practicing the cooking steps that Chef David has taught.

Two hours passed, it was time for a food-tasting session. This is the stage of assessment performed directly by Chef David. Assisted by an assistant, the cook with a myriad of international experiences tasted the results of each participant’s cooking.


Cooking Experience at Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia

All the participants got the valuable lesson of cooking experience at Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia. Source: SUN


After going through a rigorous judging process, Halimah (21) was selected as the winner of the cooking competition. According to Chef David, Halimah has good portion control values and proper cooking techniques.

Halimah herself admited she did not expect herself to win the cooking competition. “I honestly worry if my taste is different from the taste of the people here. But, I tried to follow the recipe and every cooking step from Chef David that I’ve recorded with detail on the notepad, “said English Literature student of University of Indonesia.

memasak di Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia

Chef David and Halimah. Source: SUN

The presence of Halimah in this study tour is not without reason. She has a big dream of becoming a successful culinary entrepreneur. “I have a passion in the field of food and the culinary world. By following this LCB study tour, I hope I have wide opportunities to work in the world of cooking,” said Halimah who claimed the first time to cook in a professional kitchen with a world-class chef.


Day three – Learning and Having Fun at Organic Farm

On the last day, participants were invited to visit GK Organic Farm, located in Dengkil, Selangor. Here, they were very enthusiastic about studying agriculture and organic ingredients commonly used as food and medicine.

The participants enthusiastically took out the potatoes from GK Organic Farm. From the Left – Amadeo and Rizki. Source: SUN

One of the participants from SMKN 3 Bogor, Kevin Adrian, said that he was so happy to follow the activities at GK Organic Farm. “Not just about cooking, we can be refreshed and get new knowledge here. I became aware of various kinds of organic plants that turned out to have many benefits for our lives,” explained Kevin.

After going around the farm, the participants had the opportunity to eat a delicious lunch buffet style made directly from ingredients grown on the farm.

Source: SUN

After walking through GK Organic Farm, a series of study tour SUN Education with LCB Malaysia ended already. However, before returning home, the participants took time off to Mitsui Outlet to shop various souvenirs such as chocolates, displays, accessories, t-shirts, and keychains.


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