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SCGH Overcomes Global Health Challenges

Global Health

There are still a number of challenges in the field of health in the life of the global community. One of them is the inequality of adequate health services for people lower classes. Accordingly, Claremont Graduate University School of Community & Global Health (SCGH) comes up with the challenge by creating new innovations.

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“SCGH is ready to improve the health and quality of life of the global community through modern ways of learning. It invites students directly into the real world,” said Kim Reynolds, SCGH Interim Dean.

As a breakthrough in traditional education systems, the school located in Claremont, USA empowers students in research projects with professors as their mentors. The project is in the form of cutting-edge research in neurocognitive processes, obesity, alcohol, substance abuse, and prevention of HIV / AIDS. By directly engaging in research projects, students expectedly could apply the theory learned inside of class.


Jake Sumibcay is an example. Students of the Public Health Doctorate Program at SCGH are actively involved in various prestigious research projects hosted by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, addressing health promotion and cancer prevention. He also handles tobacco control projects for young adults in the Asia-Pacific, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander regions.


As a resident of immigrants who settled in Honolulu, this Filipino-native man have had financial problem. That’s what triggers him to get involved in various researches, serving the community. Currently, Jake becomes one of the Health Policy Research Expert 2017, as part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation project.

Aside from research projects, SCGH students can also participate in community programs and internships. It is important that they can directly apply the theories they have learned in class, so that they would be ready facing the real global race after they graduate.

Global Health


‘Till today, the school that was founded in 2008 has about 120 students, with 22% of international students. The programs include public health sciences and health promotion, with postgraduate courses in the form of master, doctor, and certificate (short course). Lecture materials are taught directly by faculty who often leads community health planning and evaluation programs.

Are you interested in studying at SCGH? For more information, feel free to contact our counselor at the nearest SUN Education office or visit SUN Course Navigation about JCU and the programs offered. (SJV)

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