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How Felice Hwang, Runner-up 2 Miss International, Achieve Her Dreams

How Felice Hwang, Runner-up 2 Miss International, Achieve Her Dreams. Everyone has their own way to achieve their goals. However, one thing we must have is the determination to make the dreams come true.

Felice Hwang, Runner-up 2 Miss International 2016 who previously also won the position of Runner-up 1 Puteri Indonesia (representative from Lampung province) shared stories about her courage to achieve her dreams and maximize every opportunity she got in life at SUN Asia Education Expo 2018, Sunday, January 28, 2018, in Jakarta.

felice hwang

Felice Hwang shared her determination to reach her dreams with SUN Education publication team. Photo/Doc. SUN

Being a public figure and becoming an influencer for many people is not the dream that was once dreamt by women who was born on April 18, 1992. As a student, she majored in Accounting & Finance at the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS), as she considered the major is very basic and important for her, at the same time she wanted to be able to work directly in the Land of the Lion City which is often called as the “Financial District”.

Her plans were gradually fulfilled. Felice got to work in a multinational bank, UOB Bank in Singapore. She even managed to be in the Top 5 Regional Sales Volume from The Last Employment.


Her Journey As A Runner-up 2 Miss International

Not only to customers, Felice also wanted to have a wide relationship with people throughout  Indonesia, until finally she decided to join the beauty contest, namely Puteri Indonesia. However, this desire was previously opposed by her father. That made her realize that communication skills and negotiation with the other person are very important. Because her father is a businessman, she tried to convince him that by joining Puteri Indonesia contest, she would get many connections and it is very important to have in the business world.

In addition to achieving the position as Runner-Up 1 Puteri Indonesia, she was also awarded as a Puteri Lingkungan. Not until there, her achievements increased to the Miss International event and she successfully won the position of Runner-Up 2 and received special awards as a Miss Best Dresser.

Felice Hwang as a Runner-up 2 Miss International 2016. Source: Indonesia Pageants


Maximizing Existing Opportunities

Following the contest of Miss Indonesia and Miss International certainly helped her achieve one of her dreams, which is to have a wide network. She maximized this opportunity by gaining knowledge and insight about business from her friends in various countries.

In the journey to continue pursuing her dreams, Felice also passed various challenges. Currently she is working with her partners to build a health clinic that will be opened in Lampung. It was a challenge for her because she never had a background in health.

“Starting everything new, learning all the new stuff, looking for connections too, everything is new,” she said with a friendly smile.


Unrealized Dreams

Despite having achieved many of her dreams, Felice also still has unfulfilled dreams. She wants to have her own fashion business. In addition, she also wants to have many sources of income.

“Having multiple sources of income. So, if something bad happens with my work, I have a lot of source of income. Such as having an investment with a bigger run.”

To achieve this, she has a strategy to keep learning, sharpen the skills she has, have a great networking, and certainly have enough capital.

Looking at her tough and persistent personality, this pretty woman said her influencer is her father.
“What motivated me was when I saw my dad who worked hard every day, but he never complained at all. So, if my dad can do that, why can’t I ?! That’s what I always remember in my life,” she said.


How to Find Your “Passion” and Make Your Dreams Come True

Do you still not know what your passion is? Felice gave her excellent tips.

“You need a lot of research, explore other aspects of life, have to trial and error. For me, passion is not just one. Passion can vary. Whatever is it, you need to explore,” she said, excitedly.

The most important thing to achieve a million dreams is to make planning. Have a lot of plans without planning do not produce something. Therefore, Felice reminded us that we can set targets and finish with a period of time. Especially for millennials, Felice told us not to give up on a job easily and always try our best. (SJV)

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